A reflection


It was a once in a lifetime experience to be able to gather up those most intense moments of a microbe and to make a collage out of these few disastrous months. Being able to have a chance to write a journal, a diary, and our hobbies to express ourselves was unbelievable. This project actually gave me a time to think back about how you could make wonders out of moments, even when you feel that you’re trapped in isolation.


I have chosen to organize my work on Thing Link, and made a collage with descriptions, and gave it sort of a gallery walk viewpoint of what we were experiencing.


What I have done could help future historians or 6th graders better understand what it was like to experience what it felt like to be living during a pandemic. This is similar to what happened during the Bubonic plague of the medieval ages when historians from that time wrote journal entries of the experience that we now can learn from. What we write today could be seen by the future, and this would help future schools, and health organizations to develop a better understanding of the effect and effect and help doctors and historians of the future to find a cure to illness and how to prevent it.


What I am most proud of in this unit is actually the poems that I wrote, (some are posted onto the Thing Link). I never knew I could write such graceful poems, yet in such an isolated atmosphere. I found that writing during a climax is the best time for your thoughts to turn into words.


The most challenging part of this unit was when I thought that what I was writing was too repetitive and couldn’t think of many more ideas to write about. Another part that was challenging for this unit was having to think about how I should express myself for my “Project final product”.