This was my first experience making sewable electronics, and it was beyond amazing being able to see the LED light up. Before I started creating my first project, I had learned the basics of making sewable electronics, and I was dubious as to how electricity could flow through felt.

The first project I created incorporated the colorways pink, yellow, white, and purple.  I used the colors pink, yellow, and purple to convey the relaxing colors of the sunset and the contrast of happiness and calm. The color white used for the moon symbolized peacefulness. The creating process for creating my first project was simple as I had preplanned the locations for my components and LEDs. I had chosen to use the lilypad LED instead of the bulb LED as I thought it would have a warmer glow that fit the scene.  As I had tried a practice test for sewing on the components and LEDs with guidance and lessons from Ms. Kim, Ms. Pao, Mr. Hurrio, and other design teachers, I was able to gain knowledge on how to utilize the cinch stitches onto the component. In the design for the project, I made the conductive thread show on the front side to make it look like the pink cloud was raining. Under the rain, there is a yellow umbrella that blocks it. I made this because I wanted to show that happiness could rebound negativity. I have learned a lot from making this first project and acquired knowledge on how conductivity works in a conductive thread and different forms of stitches that I now know how to integrate into projects. Through the experiences that I have had starting out by sewing my initials, to using critical thinking gained from the experience of pre-planning in paper circuits, I was able to create an aesthetic pin with a warm glowing light.