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Humanism and the Renaissance: A time of change


I believe that I am a Renaissance humanist. This is because I believe that I have a large correlation to some of the factors that create the concept of humanism. The idea of rebirth is prevalent today, where many businesses, students and companies look at previous works and improve on them. I think that this concept is very important as, venturing by oneself can be very rewarding but very volatile as well. When we utilize past mistakes and create changes to make the previous works better, we can create solutions and eliminate problems that may occur. However, another important factor that influenced people’s perspectives during the renaissance is the idea of recreation. This challenged many aspects of the previous century (Medieval Ages) where each person was constrained to a rank in society. Personally, I don’t necessarily agree with the thought that all people are full of sin and the idea that the church was the only way to redeem oneself. Modern society has developed in many ways that are similar to humanism. I believe that the change from Medieval ideologies to Humanist ideologies was very important in the development of society.

Humanism score: 18.7 / 20

The task of this project was creating an infographic of what we thought were the 4 or 5 factors in understanding humanism. In the infographic we included the factors and also added some background information on the factors that we chose.

Next, we gave a ratings for how important and relevant we thought each of the factors were. After finishing all the ratings, we summed up our points. Based on the # of points that we had, we created a paragraph on whether or not we thought we were Renaissance Humanists. This project was very interesting and insightful, as it taught me a lot about the Renaissance era and the changes that influenced people’s perspectives on society from the Medieval ages.

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Background painting:  Info about the painting

Link to my last infographic (Bubonic plague & the Medieval ages):  Bubonic plague and SARS infographic

Famous artists from the Renaissance:   Famous artists from the Renaissance

Time & it’s relationship: Found Poem (The Last Kiss)


The Last Kiss- Found poem


The layout of my poem goes:



Good deeds and sin,

Light and dark

To the kisses I got

My mother

Kisses were passionate moments


Kisses contained potent medicine


Next to my father,

Twice kissed,

Safely to bed.


Half smile,

Missed kiss

Too vague

Not counterbalanced

Kisses felt different.


Kisses were passionate moments

Good deeds and sin,

Kisses contained potent medicine

Light and dark




This short story “The Last Kiss” by Ralph Fletcher It was unique as it showed the effects of time and change. Overall, this short story was a great read and it was very deep in meaning.


To start with, the icons. At the top of the short story, i added an icon of a person (representing the main character) sleeping well. In the bottom, i added an icon of a person not snoozing. This was meant to show how well the character felt about sleeping before and after the book.

This poem was rearranged to show the contrast of the life of this character before and after the conflict. The first word I chose was symmetry. I built on this concept of being equal by relating it to the kisses the main character receives from his mother and father.

In the next few sentences, I mentioned how important the kisses were to the main character, and the importance and value held in each one every night. I then used the lines “Kisses were passionate moments” and “Kisses contained potent medicine” to show the bond that he had with his parents. The words passionate and potent showed how much he cared to the character and how it had become a daily routine in his life.

In the second stanza of the found poem, I showed the conflict, not being able to receive kisses from both of his parents. I used words such as “different” and “not counterbalanced” to show the missing part of his intrinsic self and routine, kisses from his father.

The last stanza of the poem correlates to the last paragraphs of the story, where the character reminisces the kisses from the father and wonders if the kisses will discontinue entirely. I restated the four lines from the exposition of the poem and story and rearranged them in a way that reminds the moments and importance of the kisses.

This poem was structured following the timeline of events in the actual story and each reference correlates to a previous stanza of change in conflict.


Thank you for reading this blog!

Link to author: Ralph Fletcher

Link to public info: Ralph Fletcher

Arc reactor: Circuit Playground Express

This was the first CPX electronic sewing project that I created, and it was both a challenging, yet enjoyable experience. The project was an “arc reactor” which was inspired by Iron Man 1. Creating this project was complicated, and there were many times when the complete circuit did not work. However, after the process of revising the original plan, the project was more flexible to work with.

Develop & Plan

The original plan consisted of 6 blue LEDs that would like up when the conductive fabric was touched. The LEDs operated in three groups with 2 LEDs in each. Following this process, I could control the LEDs in separate groups. The plan was to connect GND (ground) pin to both LEDs and connect the positive pins on the LEDs to the other. The dimensions for the felt were chosen to allow adjustability in the sewing process.

Original plan


Think & Revise

After thinking through the original plan and pre-planning how I would sew these LEDs and the CPX, I found that there would not be enough space to sew on the LEDs + CPX with the conductive fabric. This could lead to intersections of positive and negative conductive. I then decided to shorten the number of LEDs to 4 and move the conductive thread to the bottom of the felt. This way, I could make sure the positives and negatives would not cross over, and that there would be enough space to fit in the conductive fabric. Another change I made was to change the 4th (last) LED to red, in order to signal completion of the circle. Another addition made to the circuit was to make all the inner LEDs in the CPX light up in blue when all the external LEDs did a full rotation. After this, there would be a sound effect while the pixels in the CPX lit up.


Code edit

The original code did not work when inputted into the prototype, but when the code was edited to make the external LEDs operating individually, it was able to work. I figured out that by editing the code to make digital write pin to high then low, i could make all LEDs light up individually and not have to group them.



Making process

Prototyping process: 


Coding process:



Creating the final product was a very enjoyable experience, and throughout this process, I learned a lot of new concepts about pinouts on the CPX, their uses, and how I could utilize them in my project.  It was also very interesting to see that you could prototype the circuit to see what would happen when the final circuit was activated. One area in the circuit that did not work was the 3rd LED. This was most likely because I had connected the conductive thread from the voltage pinout to the LED instead of GND. Instead, I could have connected the negative pin on the LED to another GND instead of VOUT (Voltage). Concluding the project, it was very interesting and exciting to see the LEDs light up and resemble the arc reactor that I had seen numerous times.


Final product

Here is an interesting video on conductivity, how cathodes and anodes on LED bulbs work. It’s very interesting!

Raining silk in the sunset

This was my first experience making sewable electronics, and it was beyond amazing being able to see the LED light up. Before I started creating my first project, I had learned the basics of making sewable electronics, and I was dubious as to how electricity could flow through felt.

The first project I created incorporated the colorways pink, yellow, white, and purple.  I used the colors pink, yellow, and purple to convey the relaxing colors of the sunset and the contrast of happiness and calm. The color white used for the moon symbolized peacefulness. The creating process for creating my first project was simple as I had preplanned the locations for my components and LEDs. I had chosen to use the lilypad LED instead of the bulb LED as I thought it would have a warmer glow that fit the scene.  As I had tried a practice test for sewing on the components and LEDs with guidance and lessons from Ms. Kim, Ms. Pao, Mr. Hurrio, and other design teachers, I was able to gain knowledge on how to utilize the cinch stitches onto the component. In the design for the project, I made the conductive thread show on the front side to make it look like the pink cloud was raining. Under the rain, there is a yellow umbrella that blocks it. I made this because I wanted to show that happiness could rebound negativity. I have learned a lot from making this first project and acquired knowledge on how conductivity works in a conductive thread and different forms of stitches that I now know how to integrate into projects. Through the experiences that I have had starting out by sewing my initials, to using critical thinking gained from the experience of pre-planning in paper circuits, I was able to create an aesthetic pin with a warm glowing light.


Essay reflection

Two things that I have done well on my essay includes having established a strong argument on my perspective of the argument. I believe that this is an improvement from last time as I have been able to clearly show my point of view on the argument and have shown reliable evidence and have incorporated counterclaims to improve my argument. Another thing that I have done well in the last essay was showing a general perspective on the argument and have shown who this would have affected.


Two things that I could improve on could be having more facts that are relevant to my main 3 points on the topic. Another thing that I could improve on would be focusing on facts that would link back to my topic sentence.

The Impact of ADHD on Percy’s attitude towards school, and his personal relationships: 

The Impact of ADHD on Percy’s attitude towards school, and his personal relationships: 


With numerous articles stating the impacts of ADHD, and Percy’s behavior, it can be concluded that ADHD widely affects Percy. These are two important parts of Percy that ADHD has impacted, firstly, ADHD impacts Percy’s attitude towards learning. Secondly, ADHD affects Percy’s ability to maintain positive relationships.   


That studying is hard would be an understatement for Percy. ADHD impacts the choices and decisions Percy makes, such as not being able to manage his body, when he is hyperactive, or not focusing on when learning something he is not passionate about. His status could be improved by finding different ways to react when he feels fidgety, or energetic. We can see this on page twenty-two where Percy responds “Thanks” I blurted, and on-page thirty-three when he says, “Because you don’t want me around?” I regretted those words as soon as they were out”. This act of sudden blurting can be linked to the article Neurodiversity: A different view of ADHD when the author states, “Symptoms of ADHD include fidgeting and blurting in class” From this article, we can link and correlate the evidence from the article to Percy’s ADHD when he is feeling energetic This situation can be resolved by surrounding Percy in a simulated environment or finding different ways to react to his energy. Not being able to cope with ADHD may be highly stressful for Percy, as Percy can create negative responses to studying when proposed with an uninteresting topic. ADHD also impacts Percy’s study habits, which can widely affect his relationships. This may create a lessened motive ˚for him to study. We can also see his motive to not study on page eighteen, where he says, “One evening before my final, I got so frustrated that I threw the Cambridge guide to Greek Mythology across my dorm” This proves that under special circumstances, ADHD impacts the decisions Percy makes, such as managing his emotions, and his attitude towards school.  


Positive relationships may be the one vital component needed for Percy to maintain his health and wellbeing. ADHD also impacts Percy’s ability to maintain positive relationships. One of Percy’s most positive relationships is with Mr. Brunner, his Latin teacher. We can see his affection for Mr. Brunner when he states that “Mr. Brunner, our Latin teacher was leading this trip, so I had high hopes” This shows that although Percy acknowledges his errors in past field trips, they can still be uplifted by Mr. Brunner. Another time when Percy’s positive relationship with Mr. Brunner was displayed, and contrasted was on page seventeen when he recalls “Finally, when our English teacher, Mr. Nicoll, asked me for the millionth time why I was too lazy to study for spelling tests, I snapped. I called him an old sot. I wasn’t even sure what it meant, but it sounded good” this quote showed a visible comparison between two positive relationships. This proved that Percy could maintain a positive relationship with Mr. Brunner but was not able to maintain positive relationships with others. Although at times Percy can maintain positive relationships, sometimes there are disputes between them. Such examples are shown on page twenty-two, where a damaging conversation can be shown between Percy and Mr. Brunner, “No, no,” Mr. Brunner said. “Oh, confound it all. What I’m trying to say… You’re not normal, Percy that’s nothing to be-” where he is cut off by Percy. Another relation threatening example is on page thirty-nine when an unsettling discussion between Sally Jackson and Percy is arousing. Although these conversations may seem damaging, the article “Having good friends can improve our well-being, especially during the holidays” Stated that appreciating differences may improve positive relationships. By having Mr. Brunner, Percy, and his relationships appreciated in differences, Percy can maintain positive relationships. In conclusion, this proves that ADHD can widely affect Percy’s ability to sustain positive relationships.   


In conclusion, we can conduct from a variety of research and quotes on ADHD and Percy, that ADHD impacts Percy’s decision making in terms of his attitude towards school, and his sustainable personal relationships. If Percy can improve his attitude towards school, this will benefit Percy’s relationships, and will furthermore enhance his ability to work as a model citizen. 



Lion Heart



This is Lion Heart by Luis. This book is a full-on sci-fi as there are realistic and alienated characters. In this book, the main character’s name is Sifty, who has a close comrade called Jim. The antagonists in this book are Mr. Eclair and the mad scientist. Sifty is just an ordinary worker in a zoo when the mad scientist creates an ultra species with special abilities… Sifty will have to choose, either to hold back on the world, or reveal his secrets.

The ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest



My biggest takeaway from this year’s science subject was understanding the new fundamentals of science. I was able to learn about heat transfer mechanisms, heat transfer, and ecosystems. This was a vital thing for me as I was never too confident about science class, but because of learning throughout the year, I have learned the content of these three topics and can now fully understand the mechanisms behind it.

If I were to write in my report card, I would write the following:

Luis has improved in learning science throughout this year, as he has shown the construction of learning science by learning the topics detailed and carefully. He has put his best efforts when trying to learn new topics as he wanted to learn more about what was being taught. He has improved greatly in understanding how to construct evidence through empirical evidence. He feels more confident about being able to make models in science, and analyze data in a scientific way.

I would like to learn more about mechanics and how it affects speed, motion, velocity, how it is interconnected with Newton’s laws, and understand a tiny bit about how the kinematic equations affect it.


A Wrinkle in the mood

For this book club, I read the book “A Wrinkle in Time” for my book. It was a new challenge for me as I don’t specifically read the genre of fiction. Overall I thought the complexion of the storyline in the book was interesting for me to read.

My project shows my thinking as I can relate the storyline and see how the mood and setting (What I focused on) could be affected by the characteristics of the characters in the book.  My animation shows a  detailed descriptive way of how the storyline is affected not only from the pro and antagonists but by the mood and setting.

This project helped me improve my thinking as a reader by making this animation. This stop motion animation was not easy to make, but the hardest part of it all was when I had to relate the story to the mood in the project. Having to relate the storyline and mood was complex enough, but showing it in graphics showed my true understanding of it, but in conclusion, making the animation was definitely an exciting challenge.






A reflection of a moment

A reflection


It was a once in a lifetime experience to be able to gather up those most intense moments of a microbe and to make a collage out of these few disastrous months. Being able to have a chance to write a journal, a diary, and our hobbies to express ourselves was unbelievable. This project actually gave me a time to think back about how you could make wonders out of moments, even when you feel that you’re trapped in isolation.


I have chosen to organize my work on Thing Link, and made a collage with descriptions, and gave it sort of a gallery walk viewpoint of what we were experiencing.


What I have done could help future historians or 6th graders better understand what it was like to experience what it felt like to be living during a pandemic. This is similar to what happened during the Bubonic plague of the medieval ages when historians from that time wrote journal entries of the experience that we now can learn from. What we write today could be seen by the future, and this would help future schools, and health organizations to develop a better understanding of the effect and effect and help doctors and historians of the future to find a cure to illness and how to prevent it.


What I am most proud of in this unit is actually the poems that I wrote, (some are posted onto the Thing Link). I never knew I could write such graceful poems, yet in such an isolated atmosphere. I found that writing during a climax is the best time for your thoughts to turn into words.


The most challenging part of this unit was when I thought that what I was writing was too repetitive and couldn’t think of many more ideas to write about. Another part that was challenging for this unit was having to think about how I should express myself for my “Project final product”.



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