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Humanism and the Renaissance: A time of change


I believe that I am a Renaissance humanist. This is because I believe that I have a large correlation to some of the factors that create the concept of humanism. The idea of rebirth is prevalent today, where many businesses, students and companies look at previous works and improve on them. I think that this concept is very important as, venturing by oneself can be very rewarding but very volatile as well. When we utilize past mistakes and create changes to make the previous works better, we can create solutions and eliminate problems that may occur. However, another important factor that influenced people’s perspectives during the renaissance is the idea of recreation. This challenged many aspects of the previous century (Medieval Ages) where each person was constrained to a rank in society. Personally, I don’t necessarily agree with the thought that all people are full of sin and the idea that the church was the only way to redeem oneself. Modern society has developed in many ways that are similar to humanism. I believe that the change from Medieval ideologies to Humanist ideologies was very important in the development of society.

Humanism score: 18.7 / 20

The task of this project was creating an infographic of what we thought were the 4 or 5 factors in understanding humanism. In the infographic we included the factors and also added some background information on the factors that we chose.

Next, we gave a ratings for how important and relevant we thought each of the factors were. After finishing all the ratings, we summed up our points. Based on the # of points that we had, we created a paragraph on whether or not we thought we were Renaissance Humanists. This project was very interesting and insightful, as it taught me a lot about the Renaissance era and the changes that influenced people’s perspectives on society from the Medieval ages.

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Background painting:  Info about the painting

Link to my last infographic (Bubonic plague & the Medieval ages):  Bubonic plague and SARS infographic

Famous artists from the Renaissance:   Famous artists from the Renaissance

Time & it’s relationship: Found Poem (The Last Kiss)


The Last Kiss- Found poem


The layout of my poem goes:



Good deeds and sin,

Light and dark

To the kisses I got

My mother

Kisses were passionate moments


Kisses contained potent medicine


Next to my father,

Twice kissed,

Safely to bed.


Half smile,

Missed kiss

Too vague

Not counterbalanced

Kisses felt different.


Kisses were passionate moments

Good deeds and sin,

Kisses contained potent medicine

Light and dark




This short story “The Last Kiss” by Ralph Fletcher It was unique as it showed the effects of time and change. Overall, this short story was a great read and it was very deep in meaning.


To start with, the icons. At the top of the short story, i added an icon of a person (representing the main character) sleeping well. In the bottom, i added an icon of a person not snoozing. This was meant to show how well the character felt about sleeping before and after the book.

This poem was rearranged to show the contrast of the life of this character before and after the conflict. The first word I chose was symmetry. I built on this concept of being equal by relating it to the kisses the main character receives from his mother and father.

In the next few sentences, I mentioned how important the kisses were to the main character, and the importance and value held in each one every night. I then used the lines “Kisses were passionate moments” and “Kisses contained potent medicine” to show the bond that he had with his parents. The words passionate and potent showed how much he cared to the character and how it had become a daily routine in his life.

In the second stanza of the found poem, I showed the conflict, not being able to receive kisses from both of his parents. I used words such as “different” and “not counterbalanced” to show the missing part of his intrinsic self and routine, kisses from his father.

The last stanza of the poem correlates to the last paragraphs of the story, where the character reminisces the kisses from the father and wonders if the kisses will discontinue entirely. I restated the four lines from the exposition of the poem and story and rearranged them in a way that reminds the moments and importance of the kisses.

This poem was structured following the timeline of events in the actual story and each reference correlates to a previous stanza of change in conflict.


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Link to author: Ralph Fletcher

Link to public info: Ralph Fletcher

A Wrinkle in the mood

For this book club, I read the book “A Wrinkle in Time” for my book. It was a new challenge for me as I don’t specifically read the genre of fiction. Overall I thought the complexion of the storyline in the book was interesting for me to read.

My project shows my thinking as I can relate the storyline and see how the mood and setting (What I focused on) could be affected by the characteristics of the characters in the book.  My animation shows a  detailed descriptive way of how the storyline is affected not only from the pro and antagonists but by the mood and setting.

This project helped me improve my thinking as a reader by making this animation. This stop motion animation was not easy to make, but the hardest part of it all was when I had to relate the story to the mood in the project. Having to relate the storyline and mood was complex enough, but showing it in graphics showed my true understanding of it, but in conclusion, making the animation was definitely an exciting challenge.







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