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Dear Martin -The hidden meaning and what we don’t know

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The author Nic Stone perfectly portrays how important it is to take a stand against racism in order to promote change in our society. She tells the fictional story of an African American teenager named Justyce McAllister who arrested by police due to racial profiling. To cope with his loss, Justyce starts writing letters to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., asking for his advice on how to stop racial profiling in his neighbourhood. These letters are very personal and record important racial events that happen in Justyce’s life.  After reading the book, the task was to find a theme statement that portrayed & summarized the book Dear Martin.  To find the theme statement “What is above controls the below”, I had to use specific literary techniques (STEAL, WOTW etc.) and use evidence within the book. This book is truly eye-opening and shows how much racism effects many people in our society, based on their race or background. It also shows that it is up to us to put an end to the injustice that occurs everyday in this world.



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Humanism and the Renaissance: A time of change


I believe that I am a Renaissance humanist. This is because I believe that I have a large correlation to some of the factors that create the concept of humanism. The idea of rebirth is prevalent today, where many businesses, students and companies look at previous works and improve on them. I think that this concept is very important as, venturing by oneself can be very rewarding but very volatile as well. When we utilize past mistakes and create changes to make the previous works better, we can create solutions and eliminate problems that may occur. However, another important factor that influenced people’s perspectives during the renaissance is the idea of recreation. This challenged many aspects of the previous century (Medieval Ages) where each person was constrained to a rank in society. Personally, I don’t necessarily agree with the thought that all people are full of sin and the idea that the church was the only way to redeem oneself. Modern society has developed in many ways that are similar to humanism. I believe that the change from Medieval ideologies to Humanist ideologies was very important in the development of society.

Humanism score: 18.7 / 20

The task of this project was creating an infographic of what we thought were the 4 or 5 factors in understanding humanism. In the infographic we included the factors and also added some background information on the factors that we chose.

Next, we gave a ratings for how important and relevant we thought each of the factors were. After finishing all the ratings, we summed up our points. Based on the # of points that we had, we created a paragraph on whether or not we thought we were Renaissance Humanists. This project was very interesting and insightful, as it taught me a lot about the Renaissance era and the changes that influenced people’s perspectives on society from the Medieval ages.

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