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ban single use plastics!

By 2025 there will be more plastic then fish and people on the earth. To help slow this down we need to ban plastics. The government should ban single-use plastics because they are hurting wild life, making plastic pollution and we need to stop fake rescaling.  


Plastic is hurting and killing wildlife, the UK government put micro plastics in most of their produces. Micro plastics are tiny particles of plastic, you can only see then with a micro scop. Micro plastics are VARY dangerous because once inhaled they could go into your lungs and enter your blood stream and then could give you a blood clot. This could also happen to fish and land animals too. Plastic is even in the animal’s habitats, over time plastic can kill plants and other habitat resources such as food and water. Plastic is one day going to kill most of the animals on earth and sortie after that so will humans.


Plastic pollution, plastic covers 98% of the world and that includes human living areas. Plastic could be in your food in your home and in your Dayle life. In the USA, humans eat 2 grams of plastic a week. plastic can do a lot of harm to humans it can injure your lungs, shut down your interests and could lead you to death. 300 tons of plastic is thrown into the ocean each year, and all of that plastic terns into plastic gyres. Plastic gyres are big groups of plastic waste just floating at the surface of the ocean. Most of these gyres make the water toxic, to fish, animals and humans. Studies have show that by 2050 plastic will kill planet earth and the human race.


We need to stop fake rescaling! Most people may say ‘’hey rescaling will help the environment’’ but that is not true, only 20% of what you put in the rescaling bin gets resliced. The other % gets burnt or thrown into animals’ habitats, if you burn plastic it could 1st make air pollution and 2nd make humans and animals get cancer. Then if you put it in animals’ habitats you are still putting plastic in the ocean which means, you only do 20% of the rescaling job. Rescaling dose worse than good.


The government should ban single use plastics because animals, planet earth and humans are depending on YOU to ban single use plastics.


 by: Maddie Washko 

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