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Contemporary Fiction Book Talk

I made this book talk for the book The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. This novel deals with racial discrimination and police brutality while weaving multiple plotlines into a masterpiece of a story. This was part of a unit we did in humanities regarding contemporary fiction, and the book talk was the summative for this project. If you enjoyed this book talk, I would definitely recommend checking out the book!

Humanism in the Renaissance

This is my infographic about Renaissance humanism. Based on the ratings I have given each element, I would say that I am somewhat of a humanist, but not in the extreme way that many people in that time were. I believe it is important for us to have some sense of individualism and shape our identities, rather than just do what society asks of us. This was true during the Renaissance too, as humanists would often go against the teachings of the church. I also agree that it is important to reflect on classical culture, just as humanists did. Experimentation, observation, and curiosity are all also essential skills/traits that we can have to encourage innovation. I do believe it is important overall share some traits of Renaissance humanists, as they can encourage innovation and self-improvement. My rating for myself overall for myself was 16/20, which is relatively high.

Found Poem for Internal Conflict: “Button Button”

This found poem was created with the words of the story “Button Button,” written by Richard Matheson. In this story, a couple is visited by a salesperson who informs them of a button that can provide them with “monetary value.” He explains that if pressed, the button would kill someone in the world in exchange for the couple to earn 50,000 dollars. The main character, Norma, struggles with an internal conflict, debating with herself whether pressing the button would be ethical. At first, she tells herself it is just some trick, maybe an experiment done by some eccentric millionaire. She does express doubts, with her greed fighting against her morality. In the climax, the temptation takes over, and telling herself she is doing it for her family, Norma presses the button only to find that her husband was killed as a result. This is also the page I chose to do my found poem on. I chose a picture of the Grim Reaper (Death) since death is such a huge theme shown in this story. It is the cause of so much uncertainty and raises the question of whether it is ethical to kill someone you never knew. Death could also, in a sense, be seen as an antagonist of the story, although the conflict is still mainly internal. There is also the picture of a button, which is self-explanatory, in addition to a bloody background. This background represents the blood on Norma’s hands that she accumulated due to her greed. The words I have boxed represent Norma’s conflict, the black representing her disbelief that the button really works, and the red manifesting her horror at the aftermath. The kind of crossed-out areas are supposed to look hastily done as well, representative of the way Norma made her decision.

More info about Richard Matheson, the author: click here or here

Science Thinglink Oceans

  1. My biggest takeaway from sixth-grade science is that life in all areas are in great danger from human activities. Who knows, maybe I’ll even do something about it someday. I thought Maxwell’s Wheel was really cool.
  2. Next year, I would like to focus more on learning about marine life, as this habitat really fascinates me. I heard rivers can even flow under oceans. That might be cool to look deeper into.

My Book Club Final Project w/ Eddie


This is our project. We used media from our previous book trailer since we can’t really record much quality media due to quarantine

We forgot to put Noah Youkilis in credits

Our Stories Make History Final Project

This is my final project. The reflection is in the Sway.

Make/Perform Project

This is my make/perform project. The movie didn’t fit so I had to make it low resolution. I chose this topic because I haven’t been getting much exercise until a few days ago. Enjoy the movie!

My Humanities Thinglink Project

This is my project about the Agricultural Revolution.

My Cardboard Arcade

For our cardboard arcade project, our group decided to make a cardboard variation of air hockey. The rules are the same. To score points, you have to hit the ball into the goal using a foam hitter. Whoever gets to 3 points first wins. This project was fun, but there are obviously some things I would change.

Throughout the project, I developed many skills. One of the main skills I developed is cutting cardboard. Many of the design teachers have taught me easy ways to cut cardboard. For example, now I know how to cut through carboard without going through the corrugations, making it easier to cut. Another skill I developed is carrying large things. Sometimes I had to carry our game by myself. Our game is extremely large, so it is pretty hard to carry. I eventually got used to it and now I can carry large things.

There are also some things I would like to change. The biggest thing I would change is the goals. Whenever the ball hits the goal, it bounces out. I would fix this by making the goal longer or add something that would make noise whenever the ball hit it. Another thing I would change is the fact that we used tons of masking tape. In the future, if I make similar projects, I will use more hot glue instead of tape.

My biggest obstacle was working together as a team. We all had different ideas, and throughout the project we were always arguing about what to do. In the beginning, we all wanted to make different games. Later, we argued about whether or not to use hot glue. Over all, our teamwork definitely needs improvement.

One piece of advice I would give to future students doing this is to find teammates they can actually work well with. I didn’t really work well with my group. we still managed to complete the project with an amazing arcade, but the process was painful. I think I could have worked better with other people.

Insulting Insulation

My cup insulator has a blanket on the inside and a piece of foam surrounding it. There is also a piece of black paper with our team name on it as decoration on the outside. Velcro is on each side to connect the material to below the handle. The lid is made of black material, to absorb heat. Our insulator works to some extent. After twenty minutes, our cup of water lost about 13 degrees Celsius of temperature, which is a significant improvement compared to the control.

What am I proud of?

I am proud of the fact that my teammates and I all had very good ideas to make the insulator better, including the idea Andy made to have a piece of paper around the insulator as decoration. I am also proud that our insulator worked.

What would I do differently?

I would try to make the lid more solid, maybe using styrofoam like the other group did. The lid we used was too soft, flexible, and thin, and it kept letting the air out. I would also try making the sides of the insulator thicker, which would decrease the amount of heat escaping.

What was the hardest thing about this project?

The hardest thing about this project was probably getting the pieces of the blanket together. When we arrived at the materials table, there was almost no blanket left. The pieces were all too small. Therefore, we tried gluing them together. That took a while. For some reason, the blanket kept falling apart and there was fluffy stuff everywhere, which wasn’t really helpful.

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