For our cardboard arcade project, our group decided to make a cardboard variation of air hockey. The rules are the same. To score points, you have to hit the ball into the goal using a foam hitter. Whoever gets to 3 points first wins. This project was fun, but there are obviously some things I would change.

Throughout the project, I developed many skills. One of the main skills I developed is cutting cardboard. Many of the design teachers have taught me easy ways to cut cardboard. For example, now I know how to cut through carboard without going through the corrugations, making it easier to cut. Another skill I developed is carrying large things. Sometimes I had to carry our game by myself. Our game is extremely large, so it is pretty hard to carry. I eventually got used to it and now I can carry large things.

There are also some things I would like to change. The biggest thing I would change is the goals. Whenever the ball hits the goal, it bounces out. I would fix this by making the goal longer or add something that would make noise whenever the ball hit it. Another thing I would change is the fact that we used tons of masking tape. In the future, if I make similar projects, I will use more hot glue instead of tape.

My biggest obstacle was working together as a team. We all had different ideas, and throughout the project we were always arguing about what to do. In the beginning, we all wanted to make different games. Later, we argued about whether or not to use hot glue. Over all, our teamwork definitely needs improvement.

One piece of advice I would give to future students doing this is to find teammates they can actually work well with. I didn’t really work well with my group. we still managed to complete the project with an amazing arcade, but the process was painful. I think I could have worked better with other people.