This found poem was created with the words of the story “Button Button,” written by Richard Matheson. In this story, a couple is visited by a salesperson who informs them of a button that can provide them with “monetary value.” He explains that if pressed, the button would kill someone in the world in exchange for the couple to earn 50,000 dollars. The main character, Norma, struggles with an internal conflict, debating with herself whether pressing the button would be ethical. At first, she tells herself it is just some trick, maybe an experiment done by some eccentric millionaire. She does express doubts, with her greed fighting against her morality. In the climax, the temptation takes over, and telling herself she is doing it for her family, Norma presses the button only to find that her husband was killed as a result. This is also the page I chose to do my found poem on. I chose a picture of the Grim Reaper (Death) since death is such a huge theme shown in this story. It is the cause of so much uncertainty and raises the question of whether it is ethical to kill someone you never knew. Death could also, in a sense, be seen as an antagonist of the story, although the conflict is still mainly internal. There is also the picture of a button, which is self-explanatory, in addition to a bloody background. This background represents the blood on Norma’s hands that she accumulated due to her greed. The words I have boxed represent Norma’s conflict, the black representing her disbelief that the button really works, and the red manifesting her horror at the aftermath. The kind of crossed-out areas are supposed to look hastily done as well, representative of the way Norma made her decision.

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