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A Loyal Zapatista’s Retelling of the Mexican Revolution

This collection of journals for the Mexican Revolution tells the tale of a fictional character created by me who lived at the time of the Mexican Revolution. It provides three dates showing events that occurred during the revolution while also showing the character’s personal experiences. It combines a narrative format as it recounts events that occurred during the character’s life but is also historically accurate, making it a reliable source for someone wishing to learn more about the revolution especially from the perspective of a Zapatista. These journals were part of a larger unit where we learned about the Mexican Revolution in seminar groups and is the final project of the unit. Enjoy?

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  1. “Why?!” I yelled. “I was born into this world just to die!” In anguish, I
    threw down my shovel and began to cry. The world was not fair.

    This phrase is very deep in meaning. (“Why?!” I yelled) that is the question that you have captured within the moment. It really does take us human beings time to question why. Why do crops grow, why does the sun shine, why does the river flow and why we ask why. As the character speaks the words “I was born into this world just to die”, it really does make me think how the character felt about his life, his duties as a man, his crops, his idols and the revolutionary voice within him. “I
    threw down my shovel and began to cry”. So many times we pity ourselves. So many times we realize the limits of our power and our capabilities as human beings. As the character threw down his shovel, i can visualize his pain. His suffering. His guilt. His frustration. His misdemeanor. Most importantly, his emotional pain. “began to cry”, crying is an act of self connection and awareness. Often times, we do not realize why we cry. Why the salty droplets of happiness, sadness and guilt flow down our faces. However, their is a simple answer. We cry because it lets us realize just how aware we were. How much we are grateful or ungrateful of what has happened. After the tears, we find composure. We are able to find a calm balance of emotion and action. “The world was not fair” the world never was, and this character lets us see how throughout the creation of our world we notice countless times the unfairness of our world. This character is but a signal. A radar. A notifier on the inequality of our world.

    I want everyone to take in this comment, realized how these small moments, in journals, in work, in school and in life, carry deep meaning.

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