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Lip Balm Making Trial #2

Above shows the procedure and materials I used and followed. In my second trial I think everything turned out okay. This time, I took the Lip Balm liquid and poured it into the tube before it hardened in the beaker I made it in. Unfortunately, this time I put the essential oil in the lip balm liquid too soon and it made the smell less strong. It also was softer than the other one and it felt almost… buttery as I would say and the first person who tested it tried to explain. I had multiple people try my lip balm. One person said that the moisture in the second lip balm was really good. In the first one it was grainy and really clumpy. Pretty much everyone who tried it agreed with this statement. Someone even stated that the first trial 1 it was ‘Like dried toothpaste’. One person suggested that I could try multiple different essential oils together so it could be better. Luckily for me the lip balm tube  filled all the way full though and came out looking pretty good. The color was the same as the last, bright orange-tan color all the way through. I managed to use the thermometer and find out what temperature the liquid was when I poured the essential oils inside (55 degrees). I think the next time I test I need to put the essential oil in the liquid just a little bit later than I did for this trial. I might also change the procedure a bit or I might change the essential oil to lemon instead of peppermint or even add multiple oils in my next and third trial. I’m going to use the same procedure as the second (better) trial. I am going to add two different essential oils, which will include 2 drops of mandarin and 2 drops of lemon, to make it smell better, possibly, and see what kind of essential oil combinations work.

Lip Balm Making Trial #1

Above there are two pictures. One shows the first procedure I used. The second show what I will do next. In my first Lip Balm making trial I managed to do ok. The Lip Balm I made turned out ok except for 1 thing: I was a bit too slow. When I was supposed to put the liquid into the tube I was too slow and it hardened before I was done.  It looked good. It smelled good, had a ok-ish texture and  consistency but it looked good. It was minty and nice, and felt smooth. However, it did feel soft and it was hard to put the rest of the lip balm I could gather into the tube. Also, It didn’t fill much. More ingredients could probably fill it more and work better. The color was the same throughout the whole thing which is good, doesn’t look weird with some tan and some deep orange. (It was a tan-orange color throughout the entire thing. In the plan for the second lip balm making process I used more ingredients to fix the texture a bit more (Less lumpy and more solid) and so  I can fill the tube and not have it partially full. I’m also going to change the steps so it wont harden. I’m going to make sure its a little bit warmer than last time when it cooled and hardened. I will use a thermometer to take the exact temperature so know exactly when to take it out. I changed the ratio so it can end up a bit more solid and at the same time more liquid. More firm in general but softer so the lumps can become non existent. I’m going to increase the ratio of beeswax and shea butter to oils to do this. I managed to get 2 people to try my lip balm. They both said that the lip balm was good for the smell and ‘taste’ but that it was hard and weird. It was lumpy and there were some bigger clumps of the lip balm. The cause of this was the fact that I put the lip balm in too late, it became hard and clumpy and I couldn’t put some of it in. I came up with the ingredients from a website that had multiple ways to make different rubs and lip balms (I based mine off the chamomile one) I changed up the things that the site recommended to the stuff I would have to use. Also I used the amount for 1 tube (or part of one tube). For the first run, I think things went ok!

Beauty and Wellness Product Design

For my Enrichment (Beauty and Wellness Product Design) I’m going to be making lip balm. This is the current lip balm I have that I am learning about and am using.

Design Prototype (Handheld Smell Identifier Project)

This is my prototype of my Handheld smell identifier for design. It is based of a Scanner tool from a game called Subnautica. It has a blue scanner part at the front and if you apply pressure to the held part, it activates the scanner. The part hanging off is part PDA to show data of scanned smells and  a sort of camera view to show what smells are in the area.

Lightbox Reflection

In our first Product Design unit we were challenged to make something called a Lightbox, a small box that has a scene of a place or time, with some lights to brighten it up of course. For my Lightbox, I decided to make a small scene of the front of my house in Savannah, Georgia. I went there during the summer before COVID and I missed the place so I decided to make a lightbox version. To remind me of my relatives who live there, and home.

During this time I definitely learned how to use a app called adobe illustrator where could make cool designs like houses and all sorts of other cool shapes and things by using the power of adobe. After cutting it out with the laser cutter I painted the layers and eventually glued them together.

I wish I could do better by adding windows or more detail than some lines, doors and stairs. I wanted to do windows but they were too small and they burned to a crisp. I also wish I placed the lights somewhere else so it could show a bit better. I think if I had added clouds it would have made it more realistic. I think its a bit… Crude. Finally. I wish I used less glue on the back so it wouldn’t be as messy.

How to make good decisions task

1: Emotions happen daily and are representations on how we feel, they can also help us out throughout our lives.
2: Research shows that when people are happy, they work better, or more efficiently instead of being lazier
3: Being happy matters, happy people normally have a happier and better lifestyle than sad or angry people.
4: Some people think that money is the key to happiness, its not. Most poor people are suffering from depression and are causing more suffering. However, the government is now depending on how happy people are, not how much money they’re making.
5: So in the end, trying to be happy, isn’t pointless, it can effect how you live and can make your life better. Happiness is important.

Species Thinglink


  1. What is your biggest take away from 6th grade science? I think my biggest takeaway is just all of the science in general. I’ve learned so much and think its amazing how much science we’ve learned and how we’ve only seen a some and that there is so much more science to learn.
  2. If you were to write your own comment on the report card, what would you say?  How confident do you feel in making models in science, analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations? I think that I did ok. I was only at a handful of the meetings and was a bit late on some of my projects but I think I did a good job on those projects and how I put a good chunk of time into them.
  3. What would you like to work on for next year in science?  Maybe anatomy? Or Chemistry or something we haven’t learned yet…


Our Stories Make History Project

In the ‘Our Stories Make History’ I mostly enjoyed this project. I thought it was really cool how we took all of the projects we did during the Corona and put them into one, big, digital, scrapbook! I created a Thinglink with everything I did!

I organized my projects by my favorite ones. The first project was my favorite one and I had a lot of fun doing it. The last one is my least favorite one and I had the least fun doing it. I did this because I thought it was cool to show what I liked during this and didn’t like during this, the ups and downs basically.

How the Corona was like and what happened in it, my daily lifestyle and what I was like too. What I did, what feelings I had, where I went all kinds of things.

I am most proud of the ‘Our Stories Make History’ project. I feel proud of putting everything together and having all of this work in one thing, in one scrapbook! I think this was a fun project and would be fine with doing it again.

I found it a bit hard to find every single task and I had some problems with uploading some projects. I also had a bit of trouble managing everything and doing before the deadline. I wish I could try a few projects again so I could do better for them.


My Favorite- Maximo

My favorite memory I have is in the summer when I go to my cousins’ house. This is my favorite memory because I love seeing them and they are really great people! I love them and they mean a lot to me and I visit them every summer. They impact my life by being nice to me and that makes me feel happy. I love seeing them in the summer and swimming in their pool. I think that it’s a great time to connect and talk to each other too.

What weapons did hominids use and how did they change over time?


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