"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Habitat mini project

What is your biggest take away from 6th grade science?
My biggest take away is that science needs to be accurate. I cannot say “about”

What would you like to work on for next year in science?
I would like to work on writing a CER or a summary on a experiment.

Here is my thinglink:

Thief of Always Book Trailer

Our Stories Make History- My Reflection (Please look at this one Mr. Hinton, new)

During this unit, Our Stories Make History, I created primary sources that revealed my personal experiences and emotions related to coronavirus. I also learned how to find reliable sources of information to include my final project. The project I created will take my audience on the jet ride that was my life during COVID-19.

I organized my project chronologically and tried to include my observations and my thoughts. I also used many videos and pictures because I felt this would make my recording more vivid and more trustful. My project separates by two parts – phase I is from 1/21-3/13 (Trump declared National Emergency on Mar 13th) when COVID-19 had not been spread over throughout U.S. yet. Phase II is from 3/13-present. I learned more about the virus and the impacts to my life.

I hope that my diary is a good primary resource revealed my personal experiences and emotions during the coronavirus pandemic. For example, the statistics about coronavirus infections and deaths will help historians or anyone interested to know how bad it was. There were several places of my diaries and pictures in my project recorded the shortage of masks in U.S. It might be useful for kids 500 years later to know masks were very important to prevent people from getting infected and how to make them at home.

I think my diary and my Vlog “Coronavirus Battle” went well. I spent a lot of time on getting the videos, pictures, and the music I think matching with the theme together. I also enjoyed learning using vlog star.

I was struggling with my diaries at the beginning about what to write. Sometimes I run out of ideas, sometimes I had poor sentences, but I’m glad that I kept writing.

Coronavirus Vlog by Max Liang

Mr. Hinton, see if this works please

Thank you,

Max Liang

Perform or make project on e-learning

Here is my video

Early Humans and Us Project – Technology

This is my early humans and us Thinglink project about how have technology influenced people through out history


My favorite time during teach is when we did our math games with 4th grades.

most challenging time is when we are doing our name games

I would definitely want to work with young kids

I wouldn’t really change anything because everything is going alright.



I taught a seven year old boy name “Kieren “. He understands really well. Especially when he read the Liverpool FC.  He understands most vocabularies. He just needs to read a bit faster because we didn’t finish the book at last.

A girl called “Ocha”.  I read the book Lightning. I has the same strengths and weakness as Kieren.



MaxLiang I am from poem

This is my I am from poem posted from Humanities class

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