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Humanities Argumentative Essay Self Reflection

The topic that I had chosen, was ” That it is the government’s responsibility to control childhood obesity.” Looking at the first section of the rubric the category is about having our essay formatted correctly, and in this strand, I have my claim, two body paragraphs, counterclaim, and conclusion, and I believe that I have put about 30% of evidence and have my claims stated. One the second category I think my essay mostly contains evidence and reasonings that are linked to my claims, I have a few minor issues but not much. In the third category, I think that I use words approvingly and they link with the claims. In the fourth category, we look at the use of formal words. And in my essay, I believe that I do not use words that are very vague and connect with the claim. In my conclusion, I think I have restated my claims and put a small concluding sentence. I believe that I link about how the political organization is and how people are being affected. I may need to focus a bit more on spelling and the use of capitalization. And for the last category, I believe that I express my opinion and state reasonings, and evidence, and my essay makes sense.

Design Glasses Pictures

In this unit, we were making a prototype that was to detect an unidentified smell. I had made glasses that have a fake nose made out of clay to detect smells, then I had a pair of glasses connected to the nose which would project an invisible screen that gives a description, videos, and images about the item.

Lightbox London Themed, By Medhi

For our first Product Design unit, In a limited time frame, I had to create a landscape that we couldnโ€™t visit because of COVID 19. For my lightbox, I chose to make a few famous monuments from London in the night time. My dad’s family lives in London and I love architecture from London, but sadly this year I was not able to visit my family due to covid.
In the main process of making our laser cut wood shapes, we had to use this computer program Adobe Illustrator, we had to image trace our icons which made the icons less pixelated and so we could change the color. Because in the program the laser cuter reads red and black in different ways, Red means to cut out the shape, and black to draw the shape on the wood. I also learned a little about masking so that it would protect my paint. We also learned about how adding fewer coats of paint leads to a nicer effect and takes less volume.
There are several things Iโ€™d change about my lightbox. First, Iโ€™d go back and make my tree smaller so I could see the London bridge more in the background. This would make it look a lot more realistic because normally the bridge is supposed to be a lot taller than a tree. Also, I should have sanded less the big ben because that damaged the top which affected the way the tower looked like. But in terms of my painting skills. I felt that my night scene was realistic and the colors matched and the trees would be blend in more, which would make it look more natural and realistic.

Final product

Science Thinglink mini habitat project

Hello this is my Thinglink project for science we were focusing on food webs populations and habitats. For this project I had to choose four animals and study about them then I had to add a food web, answer some questions, and putting down some definitions Hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€ Medhi


Holes Louis Sachar infographic made by Medhi Vallet is about a book that we have read and we have to show our main thoughts about characters for example. I hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€ just copy and paste the link you should be on the right page.

Our Stories Make History Project Medhi Vallet

Reflection In this unit we had to talk about our life experiences during the coronavirus by showing it visually and also find articles that were related to your life and how these headlines on the articles have affected you. Hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Our Stories Make History

Humanities Our Stories Make History

Reflection This unit Out Stories Make History is for showing our creativity for writing and showing visuals but also to include how this virus impacts us and what can you make to show your thinking, Hope you enjoy this book creator book ๐Ÿ™‚


Our Stories Make History

Early Humans and us Thing link Project- Art

Here is my early humans and us ThingLink project ย it will explain about early art. hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Medhi’s science project

Take a picture of your final apparatus (finished product). May

Answer the following questions on a word document:

Why is engineering important?

What was your challenge?

Why did you choose that design?

How does it work?

Was your design successful?

How might you change your apparatus if had the opportunity? (If no redesign)

(If redesign) Was your redesign successful?


  1. Engineering is important because engineers use models provided by scientists and create new designs that benefit the world.


2. To clean and filter water that was brown full of bacteria



  1. Before it looked easy and we thought it was going to be not too hard to support our design and it was really easy to come in consensus with my partner.


  1. The water went through a piece of mesh then the water fell on a skewer full of cotton and spun the skewer, then the water transported through a big plastic glass After it got filtered again by a piece of felt to make sure it was clean and then you had your clean water


  1. Eventually, the design was quite unsuccessful because to place the PVC pipe we had to make a hole and the hole too big so then all the water leaked but the skewer with the cotton took some bacteria and was quite brown.


  1. If my partner and I had time to make a second prototype, we would have made a more accurate hole and stabilize our prototype more





Medhi Vallet’s I Am From Poem

This is Medhi Vallet’s “I Am From Poem” that he wrote for humanities class I hope you enjoy

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