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argumentative assessment

We are producing more than 300 million tons of plastic each year, half of which is for single-used items. Single-use plastic can be found almost anywhere on earth, but are they good for you? No. The government should ban single use plastic because they can harm animals, harm humans, and pollute the earth. They could cause a great disaster for our planet, especially the animals.

First, plastic can cause a lot of harm for the animals. Most likely the marine animals. More than 100 million marine animals, such as mammals, sharks, turtles, birds, and more are killed each year from plastic. More than 1.1 million are seabirds. When animals see plastic floating on the surface of the ocean, they might mistake it as their prey and eat them. They can also get tangled in plastic while fleeing from a predator. When they get tangled by plastic, it can damage their health or maybe kill them. Getting wrapped or tangled will cause them to be unable to move. Furthermore, they might suffocate, starve, or even drown (due to the lack of air). Because plastic can be broken into smaller pieces, it would be easier for the animals to consume them. More than 90% of all birds and fish have particles of plastic waste in their stomach. Plastic is inedible, but the poor animals can’t avoid them, needing to experience such tragedy.

If plastic can harm animals, it surely will harm us, too. Fish are contained in meals that we eat, but if the fish ate the plastic, we will also swallow those nasty single-use plastics. Just like getting nutrients from the fish, we’re also getting plastic from them. In the production of making single-use plastics, it releases dioxins, phthalates, vinyl chloride, ethylene dichloride, lead, and more toxic chemicals. These chemicals added to plastic can alter hormones or other potential human health effects. It’s likely that you will see plastic wrapped around your food as packaging, so it’s possible that the chemicals will get into the food we eat, which we can end up consuming. Plastic can already harm animals and humans, but there’s still more to cover.

Some people might say, plastic bags can benefit us in some way, and that if we used paper bags to replace them, they can also cause pollution, and wouldn’t make anything better. However, if you think the amount of pollution paper bags cause is already an abundant amount, you would be surprised with how much more harm and pollution plastic will cause. Plastic can affect the land, water, and air. First and foremost, paper bags are biodegradable, which means that they can be broken down. While on the other hand, single-use plastic is not. Plastic can release the chemicals into the soil, and can go into the roots of the plants, but also seep into the water. In addition, 1.1-8.8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean each year. Plastic can also pollute the air, some people might burn the plastics to get rid of them, but igniting the plastic will release toxic gas such as dioxins or furans into the air. Which is one of the reasons why some countries have extremely bad air quality.

If we can’t use plastic, we can still use other materials or resources that can help the earth become a better place. Plastic can harm animals, us, and the environment. Banning it can make the earth a much cleaner, safer, and enjoyable space we’d like to live in.

Percy Jackson Blog Post

“Am I a troubled kid? Yeah. You could say that.” -Percy Jackson. Percy was a different student; he was a hero but also a middle schooler. Percy would do better in school if he had stronger and healthier relationships, known the benefits of ADHD, and did not go through stress. 


First, Percy Jackson needs to have a positive relationship with his stepfather, Gabe Ugliano, so he can do better in school. For example, on page 30 of the book Percy Jackson, it said, “Finally, she married Gabe Ugliano, who was nice the first thirty seconds we knew him, then showed his true colors as a world-class jerk.” This shows that Percy didn’t like Gabe, which means that they don’t have a healthy and strong relationship. In the article about personal relationships, written by the University of Minnesota, it said, “The support offered by a caring friend can provide a buffer against the effects of stress.” Also, it can benefit your health and you can have a higher chance of living longer. A study analyzed 148 smaller studies that connect to health, the research found a 50% increased in the likelihood of surviving for the people with strong relationships. If Percy had more support, he wouldn’t have gone through as much stress over the school. Therefore, if he wasn’t stressed out, he’d be more interested in school, which can make him a better student. 


Percy not only needed positive relationships but also needs to know the benefits of his disorders. If Percy had known the benefits of ADHD, he would’ve done better in school. One example of evidence is on page 10 of the Percy Jackson book, “Despite the fact I have dyslexia and attention deficit disorder and I had never made above a C- in my life.” It shows that Percy had difficulties and didn’t do well in school. Equally important, the article from Newsela about ADHD says, different brains are to be respected, and this idea is called neurodiversity. “It was a way to ‘redefine their identity’ and ‘liberate themselves from the prison of negative expectations,’ wrote author Thomas Armstrong in an article for the journal Educational Leadership.” This quote will help Percy because it shows the advantages of ADHD. If Percy had read this article, he would have known that it wasn’t the reason why he didn’t do well in school, and he would have believed in himself more, which can lead to better grades in school. 


Furthermore, Percy may have gone through too much stress. In the book on page 17, it said, “I started feeling cranky and irritable most of the time. My grades slipped from Ds to Fs.” It proves that Percy wasn’t doing well in school, which may be the effect of stress, because a piece of evidence from the article said, “Prolonged stress can also damage a person’s ability to perform well in school or on the job.” This piece of example explained what stress can cause and it links to what trouble Percy is having. In addition, the article listed ways to avoid stress. The best way to deal with stress is to practice being calm even during overwhelming situations. Stop for a moment and take a deep breath; this will help people feel more relaxed. If this doesn’t work, asking a therapist, trusted friend, or a family member may help. Indeed, if Percy read this article, he would do better in school because he wouldn’t have that much stress. 


Percy was a half-blood, but he was also a middle schooler who had trouble with many things from school. If he had healthier relationships, had known the benefits of a disorder, and didn’t go through stress, he would be a way better student. Anyone, fictional or in real life, can do better in school and become a better student.  





Newsela Summary

Sometimes, we can have positive and negative emotions, both can help us deal with things we are having trouble with. However, happiness can result in a more enjoyable and preferable life. Happiness can lead to a cheerful life, for example, there was one study which groups of people watched videos with different moods, the people who watched the positive film clips ended up being more efficient when working. Happiness can be a benefit in society, lead to better health, can make people be more careful with their possessions, and also helps them contribute more. Most importantly, they can influence other people to be happy. Today, many people might think that wealth is more essential than happiness, but that’s not the case. Mental illness may be more stressful than poverty, research shows that most people would prefer a society with happiness rather than one with only wealth. Therefore, happiness is an emotion that everyone would need, in order to make our lives better.

Science Habitat Mini Project



  1. What is your biggest take away from 6th-grade science? I became more familiar with drawing models and expressing my thoughts. Throughout this year, writing CER’s and drawing diagrams were always required, which is how I improved those techniques. 
  2. What would you like to work on for next year in science? I want to learn more about physics and chemistry because I’m looking forward to something new that can engage my learning, and also help me with further education in the future. 

thinglink project- Diet-Early Humans and Us

Cup Insulator

We made this cup to test out how to make a cup insulator for the teachers so that they can enjoy the warm beverage. We had to discuss about what materials to use, what shape, and the layers.

1.I’m proud of the aesthetics of the cup insulator

2. I think I would change the materials because after we did the cup insulator, we tested many new materials, and we determined whether it’s an insulator or a conductor.

3. The hardest thing about making this cup insulator is cutting out the shapes of the materials because we tried to cover up al the non-covered areas of the cup, but we couldn’t get the right shape.

Blog Post Reflection

Why is engineering important?

Engineering is important because we will know how to build things and we will have a clearer mind of what we are doing than just thinking about it.

What was your challenge?

Our challenge was putting the pipe cleaners and cloth inside the cup, because the space wasn’t very big, and it was hard to cut on the cup. We had to find a special kind o knife to cut the round side of the cup.

Why did you choose that design?

Our group chose that because it was creative, and it included much effort. It was also different from other people’s apparatus.

How does it work?

Our apparatus was mostly filtering water. We first used a mesh to keep out the rocks and dirt, we then weaved pipe cleaners to absorb and filter the dirty things (more dirt, rock, etc.) Our last layer was the cloth. We didn’t really have the chance to think about how to keep the cloth in place, so we just stuffed it on a cut of the cup, but there were gaps between the cloth and cup, so the water went through the gap instead of the cloth.

Was your design successful?

Not really, the water got through the filtering quickly, and the cloth didn’t really help a lot, so the water ended up being brownish and opaque. We still did a great job to keep the rocks and dirt out,

How might you change your apparatus if had the opportunity? (If no redesign)

I would add cotton, even though it might absorb most of the water, It can also absorb the bacteria since cottons are clean materials.


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