I am from the pool, 

The coldness and happiness, and tiredness 

The tiredness during practice, 

The proudness after you win. 



I am from pens, pencils, and erasers, 

Worries before each test. 

Angry parents if you don’t do well, 

But still trying my best. 


I am from friends,  

The people who make me laugh. 

They give me ideas,  

They help me to not get worried. 


I am from homework, 

Piles of them. 

From school and tutor, 

Never finishing them on time. 


I am from parties, 

Playing with all my friends. 

Laughing and joking around, 

Parties are the best part of life. 


I am from golf,  

The greens and holes. 

Only practicing one time 

A week. 


I am from love, 

From my parents. 

And sisters, 

Loving me. 


I am from languages, 

Every single one sounds 


But trying to learn them all. 


I am from social media, 

WeChat, Instagram, and snap chat. 

Chatting with friends from 

All over the world. 


I am from emotions, 

Happiness and sadness. 

Having different feelings