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Humanities Project

Humanities Project

During this Humanities Project, something that went well is that the values and limitations were really easy to, it was also really easy to put on thinglink. Something that didn’t go well was that I couldn’t put my thinglink on to my blog it was really difficult. Something that I would change is that I would like a long time to complete this project because I felt like we were rushing everything.

Teach Reflection

My Teach Experience

Teach allowed me to work with fourth graders, second graders, and first graders, but first graders were definitely my favorite experience because they were really adorable, they usually listen to us, and the other teachers. I felt like the most challenging part was the second graders, they’re not that hygienic. Which is harder to work with.  I would really like to work with young kids in the future because that will help me to become a better teacher. It also helps me to understand how our teachers deal with us when we don’t do a problem correctly.  I don’t think I had any bad experience, everything was amazing. Except for that the second graders weren’t that hygienic.

Homo Sapiens


Homo Sapiens, also known as the wise man, has a lot of capabilities the three main ones are tools, fire, and communication. The capability tools can help Homo Sapiens to make tools to better hunt animals and create fires. The second capability fire can help Homo Sapiens to keep warmth and cook meat. Cooked meat can help homo sapiens to have a bigger brain causing them to become smarter. The third capability communication helps Homo Sapiens to better communicate, which will help them hunt animals, they will also work better as a community.

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