Our Stories Make History-My reflection


During our unit, I made a project called Our Stories Make History.  I created primary sources which revealed my personal experience and emotions during COVID-19. I learned how to find reliable and trustworthy sources based on Covid-19. This project I created will show you how I felt during Covid-19. I organized the sources on time, when the starting and when the ending and how intense it was going. It was easy to organize the sources in my project because it was getting intense later than the beginning. I organized it this way because it will make more sense.

This will (might) be useful to a person in the future because they don’t know how we felt during this experience and how it could help them understand how we all went through this.

I am most proud of my journals because they helped me at hard times. during this lockdown.

I had a hard time at finding reliable sources and I had a hard time at remote learning



2 thoughts on “Our Stories Make History-My reflection

Hi, Nanda!
One thing I think you did particularly well was your timeline, you wrote your emotions at the beginning of all paragraphs. This was helpful for me as a reader because I could understand more about your life and your feelings during this hard time.

Before looking at this primary source, I didn’t know Korea also had severe situation of COVID-19.

Your six-word memoir made me think of the end of the world😄.

I liked how you used a diagram sort of image as your first picture, because it gives you a sense of what the project is about. I also enjoyed how easy to read and understandable everything was (e.g. writing about emotions, capitalization, etc.). One thing I did find a bit confusing was how many watermarks were on your images. Next time, I’d suggest just trying to find watermark-free images (but still F2U ones) on Google.

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