1. One of my favorite circuit experiences was how to make a circuit work via looking at new materials like copper tape and LED. I also liked that we had to watch out for which leg is negative and which one was positive, I learned two tricks to know which LED leg was positive or negative.

2. One of the challenges I had to overcome during this class was when turning the side of copper tape,

a. It could tear easily when turning the side b. I tried turning the side of the copper tape and when I did it, it got torn and it was a major problem with the circuit.

c. How I could overcome that would have been taking out all of the tapes and start again with a new set of tape.

3. Something which I didn’t overcome yet was my own circuit

a. The tape alignment was the challenge

b. I tried pressing the legs of the LED and smoothened the tape.

c. My next step to overcome it would be to take all the tape out and do the tapping work again.


An aspect I really liked about this class is how Miss. Kim actually taught students and how she gave video reflections to a student with their e-card.

An aspect I really don’t like was how it was hard for people to group around Miss. Kim and then most people are having a hard time to see; Miss. Kim can change that somehow (no offense).


So my circuit the theme is about just making an e-card. I am trying to make an e-card like a face and the LED is on the eyes to make it glow.

One aspect that I like about this would be how I made the theme and design.

Something that I work on would be to make it work but tapping it again with copper tape. I would do this by taking out all of the copper tapes from the design and tape it on again.