• The last week in my circuits class. (enrichment) I made a pin with a lilypad LED and battery and I connected them with the conductive thread by sewing.
  • I chose this piece of work because it looked cool and great and so I made it. This was also my preference.
  • I discarded the other designs because the bookmark wasn’t that good and it wasn’t much of my use because if I was reading a book, I would always remember where I left off, and also I could use paper for that rather than wasting felt, thread and other materials like lilypad LED and battery. The third design wasn’t that good either, also I had to include a LED and I can’t just do straight stitches and convince others that it’s good. So the second design I thought was a good choice for me!












  • Something new to me was circuits, all of the things I did in this class have I ever done before. I learned about copper tape and LED and battery (maybe not batteries). Also, one thing that came out to me was sewing as I had done before but only for like 3 days and after 1 year I did sewing. Earlier, I couldn’t even re-thread the needle but now I can even stitch! I can even do back, running, and straight stitches.
  • Something that was hard for me to follow was to do loops and tie off and cinch, but I overcame those problems by writing it down on paper and asking for help from teachers when needed.
  • One good thing for students doing this next semester could be that DON’T GET DISTRACTED! ALSO, DON’T SLACK AROUND. I say this because I got distracted like this and I couldn’t complete my work on time and I had to take my work home and finish it which was not that great.
  • I would like to learn perhaps, some more new stitches and also to code the LEDs because the class couldn’t get there during the semester and it’s a disgrace.