The Quiet are underestimated

Quiet Power by Susan Cain is a book about people who are introverted and socially inept. (They form about 1/6 of the population!) This book talks about how they’re successful and why they can stretch for long hours practicing an instrument or on their hobbies, this book also talks about their quiet nature can bring them into high positions in society or even changing the world!


The first main idea I noted significantly important was at Chapter 3 in this book.


This shows how Introverts can make successful leaders because of their personality of being quiet. In this experiment introverts who were the leaders of specific groups, listened to their actor’s ideas and when more extroverted, didn’t follow input. This also made a huge difference in their success of being the first groups to finish.



Next I noticed this part on my book and took notes about it.

I was astonished the fact that Bill Gates–who is the richest man in the world– was an introvert. This is a explicit example that introverts can achieve great feats in their lifetimes and the implicit bias made by us about them are that they’re anti-social and other negative thoughts that they’re powerless and weak, however, Bill Gates is the CEO of Microsoft, the company which is changing the world by the technology they’re making.


Not only Bill Gates but many other professionals like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo–skilled soccer players– were introverts, this disproves the fact that introverts can’t achieve great feats in their lifetimes and the implicit bias created by society on passionate introverts.

Thank you for reading! Check out Quiet Power to learn more about introverts!




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