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Jehan’s Journal Entries (French Revolution Historical Fiction Journals)

Since the last three weeks, we have been learning about revolutions and we have started writing Historical Fiction Journals. My journal is about a boy named Jehan who’s alive during the French and I write journal entries for three specific dates which I feel are important than others date in the French Revolution. This journal talks about the experiences of Jehan throughout the three dates.

Off with the heads! French Revolution video

In the past 2-3 weeks, we have been studying about the French Revolution. Firstly, we started learning about the pre-revolutionary France and grasped a decent idea about the society, politics and economy at that time, then we learned about the causes for the French Revolution which included the societal structure, which was split into 3 estates, economy booming down due to 7 years war and the monarchs lavishing the money like it was nothing. We then got into the French Revolution and learned main events which happened including the Storming of the Bastille and the Reign of Terror where approximately 17,000 people have been executed by an execution instrument called the guillotine and surprisingly, it’s a painless form of execution.  In addition, we learned about an outstanding military genius named Napoleon Bonaparte and his battles. We also had the opportunity to learn about the reforms he made to the falling France to get France back on its feet.


The purpose of the planning and filming of the video was to show our understanding of our  (me and my teammates Collin and Ijay) understanding of the French Revolution; it took some time to make this video and we hope you enjoy watching the video!!


The Quiet are underestimated

Quiet Power by Susan Cain is a book about people who are introverted and socially inept. (They form about 1/6 of the population!) This book talks about how they’re successful and why they can stretch for long hours practicing an instrument or on their hobbies, this book also talks about their quiet nature can bring them into high positions in society or even changing the world!


The first main idea I noted significantly important was at Chapter 3 in this book.


This shows how Introverts can make successful leaders because of their personality of being quiet. In this experiment introverts who were the leaders of specific groups, listened to their actor’s ideas and when more extroverted, didn’t follow input. This also made a huge difference in their success of being the first groups to finish.



Next I noticed this part on my book and took notes about it.

I was astonished the fact that Bill Gates–who is the richest man in the world– was an introvert. This is a explicit example that introverts can achieve great feats in their lifetimes and the implicit bias made by us about them are that they’re anti-social and other negative thoughts that they’re powerless and weak, however, Bill Gates is the CEO of Microsoft, the company which is changing the world by the technology they’re making.


Not only Bill Gates but many other professionals like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo–skilled soccer players– were introverts, this disproves the fact that introverts can’t achieve great feats in their lifetimes and the implicit bias created by society on passionate introverts.

Thank you for reading! Check out Quiet Power to learn more about introverts!




Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe Book Talk.



This unit, I read a book named ‘Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe’ by Benjamin Alire Sàenz. This book is a genre of contemporary fiction or in simple words “modern fiction”,  these are also called the ”Future classics” because in the future and looking back on these types of books, they will be categorized as classics. For this blog post,  I have made a book talk and explained the theme with quotes from the book I tracked in my notebook as I kept reading throughout the book. I have also explained the setting and characters. In addition, I have also explained what type of conflict was in the story with recommendations on who should read it.

Am I a humanist?

Hello, My name is Nanda, I have been learning about the Renaissance and this is a quiz about the question “Am I a humanist” where I answered it with 5 beliefs of humanism and were I give myself a rating and I gave myself a overall score and explained my rating. I hope you enjoy my infographic.


Found Poem


If you want to read the story, click here!


The story’s name is called “The Last Kiss” by Ralph Fletcher.  The story is about a person ( a child) who gets kisses from both their mom and dad on the lips before they goes to bed, until one day before his bedtime when they went to his dad for a kiss, they didn’t get it, not knowing the reason, they tried again and again for days until they realized the grim truth .

In this poem, there is internal conflict because it is a tradition for the protagonist to be kissed by their father but since they don’t kiss on his lips anymore, it’s is hard for the protagonist to understand, which is said in the paragraph “The thought my mind held was too large to formulate into a question, too vague to clearly recognize as a loss.”

The poem shows this concept because it is said in the paragraph, “The thought my mind held was too large to formulate into a question, too vague to clearly recognize as a loss.” which shows that the protagonist has trouble adjusting to this mood, therefore making this the internal conflict.

I changed the font style to cursive because it’s all about kisses, also kisses are mostly a type of fancy thing and cursive is also a fancy thing, that’s why I changed the font to cursive, I put the green color on those specific words so that it’s clear to read due to the black background, they’re also the words I want the audiences to focus on because those are the important words which correspond to my found poem.

My argumentative



This is my argumentative essay!

My product and how I can help you!


  • The last week in my circuits class. (enrichment) I made a pin with a lilypad LED and battery and I connected them with the conductive thread by sewing.
  • I chose this piece of work because it looked cool and great and so I made it. This was also my preference.
  • I discarded the other designs because the bookmark wasn’t that good and it wasn’t much of my use because if I was reading a book, I would always remember where I left off, and also I could use paper for that rather than wasting felt, thread and other materials like lilypad LED and battery. The third design wasn’t that good either, also I had to include a LED and I can’t just do straight stitches and convince others that it’s good. So the second design I thought was a good choice for me!












  • Something new to me was circuits, all of the things I did in this class have I ever done before. I learned about copper tape and LED and battery (maybe not batteries). Also, one thing that came out to me was sewing as I had done before but only for like 3 days and after 1 year I did sewing. Earlier, I couldn’t even re-thread the needle but now I can even stitch! I can even do back, running, and straight stitches.
  • Something that was hard for me to follow was to do loops and tie off and cinch, but I overcame those problems by writing it down on paper and asking for help from teachers when needed.
  • One good thing for students doing this next semester could be that DON’T GET DISTRACTED! ALSO, DON’T SLACK AROUND. I say this because I got distracted like this and I couldn’t complete my work on time and I had to take my work home and finish it which was not that great.
  • I would like to learn perhaps, some more new stitches and also to code the LEDs because the class couldn’t get there during the semester and it’s a disgrace.

5 Paragraph Essay about How Percy can have a better life

“See, bad things happen to me on field trips.” – Percy Jackson. Although Percy has so much gratitude and respect, he has a hard time struggling as a middle school in the real world. As a middle schooler, Percy would have a happier life if he considers that ADHD can benefit him, has a growth mindset, and stays away from bullies.


Percy Jackson will be more confident and have a better life if he tries to see the advantages of ADHD. He proves that he has ADHD,  e.g.:- “I have moments like that a lot when my brain falls asleep or something, and the next thing I know I’ve missed something as if a puzzle piece fell out of the universe and left me staring at the blank place behind it.” (pg. 11 hard copy). evidence from the article Neurodiversity: A different view of ADHD states “The symptoms include often losing items, not paying attention to details or making careless mistakes in school and not listening most of the time. Getting easily distracted and avoiding activities that require focus are also symptoms.”  This disorder, he can think this as an advantage to fast-paced jobs like a business leader or a news reporter where these kinds of fast decisions are critically important. This type of brain is usually very rare, and Percy could take this as an advantage.


Percy Jackson can achieve better in studies if he has a growth mindset and follows some study tips. For example- “My grades fell from Ds to Fs.” (page 17 book) which proves he doesn’t perform very well in studying, but, Percy can turn this around by following some study tips which might help him. One of the tips from How to Focus on Studying states is to “Choose your study place wisely” He can perform better at school and can also achieve more



Percy Jackson could live a better life at a boarding school if he stops getting in between fights and follow some tips for guidance. For example- “All year long, I’d gotten in fights keeping bullies away from him” Which means that Percy gets in the middle of fights. Subsequently,  one-way Percy Jackson could turn this around is as the article How to deal with Bullies at School states “Avoiding the bully” which helps Percy Jackson to stop getting bullied. Again, Percy Jackson could have more friends, this would benefit him in life.


Friends can help you live a happy life. Additionally, Percy could have an untroubled life if he thinks of his weakness as strengths, explore and learns different types of things, and avoid dangers. This advice can mostly help students having the same problems as Percy Jackson’s.





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My circuit


  1. One of my favorite circuit experiences was how to make a circuit work via looking at new materials like copper tape and LED. I also liked that we had to watch out for which leg is negative and which one was positive, I learned two tricks to know which LED leg was positive or negative.

2. One of the challenges I had to overcome during this class was when turning the side of copper tape,

a. It could tear easily when turning the side b. I tried turning the side of the copper tape and when I did it, it got torn and it was a major problem with the circuit.

c. How I could overcome that would have been taking out all of the tapes and start again with a new set of tape.

3. Something which I didn’t overcome yet was my own circuit

a. The tape alignment was the challenge

b. I tried pressing the legs of the LED and smoothened the tape.

c. My next step to overcome it would be to take all the tape out and do the tapping work again.


An aspect I really liked about this class is how Miss. Kim actually taught students and how she gave video reflections to a student with their e-card.

An aspect I really don’t like was how it was hard for people to group around Miss. Kim and then most people are having a hard time to see; Miss. Kim can change that somehow (no offense).


So my circuit the theme is about just making an e-card. I am trying to make an e-card like a face and the LED is on the eyes to make it glow.

One aspect that I like about this would be how I made the theme and design.

Something that I work on would be to make it work but tapping it again with copper tape. I would do this by taking out all of the copper tapes from the design and tape it on again.



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