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Cardboard Arcade Game

My biggest success was I worked collaboratively with my teammates. My biggest obstacle was to make the arcade with my teammates. The skill I have learned is how to use the box cutter safely.

Our hot insulator cup

This is our insulator cup design and it works. This works by keeping hot inside the cup and our cup’s temperature dropped by 9.7 degrees and it happened because we used materials that can keep hot/cold inside and our materials were felt, cloth and we used strips of velcro.

  • Something that I am proud of is that our insulator cup only dropped 9.7 degrees.
  • Something I would do differently would be to use more materials to drop less temperature or drop no temperature.
  • This is a good thing because there are teachers who want hot coffee but the winter is making the coffee cold. So this can help them keep their drinks hot.
  • Something hard as we didn’t know what materials would keep it hot.
  • I learned what materials would keep a cup hot.

My Metaphor Island

In this unit, we started learning geography and then our teacher asked us to make a metaphor map,


This is what the signs mean

My plain is French class because it is easy for mean and it is like plain, like everything flat.

The volcano means my anger like volcano, it erupts when there is a lot of lava, like my anger.

The forest is my home because it is calm and I want a home with no arguments.

The valley is something which I achieve like a achievement.

The Coast means something where I chill out.

The desert means endless and something that endless to me is reading and education.

Lake is somewhere I don’t have stress and where I can relax when I have stress.

The peninsula is chess, it is because I feel like when I lose chess, I am fell in the Ocean, but if I win, then I can move on.

The secret base is something where I have secrets in.

The Ocean is where I have a lot of stuff to do and that is homework and projects.



I am from Chess and Fresh Air

This is a poem where it is about me. Instead of not saying I’m from places, I took objects from different areas that I am familiar from and then add them together as a poem and it took a few days to take the steps we were suppose to and then I published it.




Hum_Kishore_Nanda_Where I’m from poem


How do I like about Humanities

I like eating cookies and I find humanities class wonderful. I like to come to humanities class everyday


How do I feel about Middle School

I am like a turtle and I am okay with Middle School. It’s tiring and a block is 75 minutes and I listen to the teacher for a long time. I am still okay with Middle School.



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