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Found Poem


If you want to read the story, click here!


The story’s name is called “The Last Kiss” by Ralph Fletcher.  The story is about a person ( a child) who gets kisses from both their mom and dad on the lips before they goes to bed, until one day before his bedtime when they went to his dad for a kiss, they didn’t get it, not knowing the reason, they tried again and again for days until they realized the grim truth .

In this poem, there is internal conflict because it is a tradition for the protagonist to be kissed by their father but since they don’t kiss on his lips anymore, it’s is hard for the protagonist to understand, which is said in the paragraph “The thought my mind held was too large to formulate into a question, too vague to clearly recognize as a loss.”

The poem shows this concept because it is said in the paragraph, “The thought my mind held was too large to formulate into a question, too vague to clearly recognize as a loss.” which shows that the protagonist has trouble adjusting to this mood, therefore making this the internal conflict.

I changed the font style to cursive because it’s all about kisses, also kisses are mostly a type of fancy thing and cursive is also a fancy thing, that’s why I changed the font to cursive, I put the green color on those specific words so that it’s clear to read due to the black background, they’re also the words I want the audiences to focus on because those are the important words which correspond to my found poem.

Happiness Summary

Our lives depend on this factor in many aspects of our lives. (Happiness)


The fact that happiness can make our lives more beneficial is true…If you try to show one group a positive film and another group a neutral film…You will see the difference in your very eyes. This benefits society as you are spreading positivity around. The society gets better and better.


What is very important is that money is not key to anything rather than buy groceries and things which don’t bring us any real happiness.  If we value collaboration in our community and in our teams and to other people. We can actually change the world from a second angle.


Creative Performance Proposal

performance proposal

trial #2

This is my experience from January 22, 2020 to March 3, 2020. If you want to know how people lived when the age of coronavirus, please read this! Click on the hyperlink.

You can also hear me reading the story. Prefer that if you want!

I am from Chess and Fresh Air

This is a poem where it is about me. Instead of not saying I’m from places, I took objects from different areas that I am familiar from and then add them together as a poem and it took a few days to take the steps we were suppose to and then I published it.




Hum_Kishore_Nanda_Where I’m from poem


How do I like about Humanities

I like eating cookies and I find humanities class wonderful. I like to come to humanities class everyday


How do I feel about Middle School

I am like a turtle and I am okay with Middle School. It’s tiring and a block is 75 minutes and I listen to the teacher for a long time. I am still okay with Middle School.



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