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My Last Science Project

By biggest takeaway was that I learned new words and I practiced many news things like procedure writing and note-taking. I also liked trying new things.

Next year, I would like to develop more good explanations and to be successful in science next year and pay attention to the teacher.


Our hot insulator cup

This is our insulator cup design and it works. This works by keeping hot inside the cup and our cup’s temperature dropped by 9.7 degrees and it happened because we used materials that can keep hot/cold inside and our materials were felt, cloth and we used strips of velcro.

  • Something that I am proud of is that our insulator cup only dropped 9.7 degrees.
  • Something I would do differently would be to use more materials to drop less temperature or drop no temperature.
  • This is a good thing because there are teachers who want hot coffee but the winter is making the coffee cold. So this can help them keep their drinks hot.
  • Something hard as we didn’t know what materials would keep it hot.
  • I learned what materials would keep a cup hot.

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