Skills that I learned or developed are the ability to make right decisions. Because our first arcade ( the crocodile arcade ) took to much time, so I decided that it is time to change an arcade. And the new arcade ( the crocodile basketball arcade ) did work well.

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is  to not to focus on arcades or games that are too hard to make or takes up too much time. We didn’t follow  our plan or even our backup plan.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is try not to focus on games that are too hard to make, and don’t be too precise, because there is a limited amount of time to make this arcade.

My biggest success was putting the crocodile mouths in our old arcade into our new arcade, I think it did turn out well on our two arcades.

Overall, I think this product was successful because I think our arcades is fun, and  is not easy to get bored of.

My biggest obstacle was on the old arcade. It is very complicated, especially making the crocodile mouths and the wheels in it.