how it works:

my up has a magnet on the side for connection where there is a handle. after you untied the magnet ‘thing’, it will be easy to pull off. The cap is just a normal cap just there is a velcro to connect the cap and the cup insulator together. The outside layer is just fur and buttons for decoration.

what am I proud of:

I am proud of how our group got to work together and create such an amazing insulator. I am proud of how we actually made it something that we might buy in a store, and how the cup can keep heat in and at the same time be beautiful.

what was the hardest thing about this project:

The hardest part is when we had to cut the fur and trying to connect the fur together so it will wrap around the cup. measuring the cup is one thing, but cutting it and thinking of how we will connect the fur together needs some time. We first thought of sewing it together, but since no one in our group can really sew, we just settled on the idea of hot gluing it.

The quality of our cup insulator:

Our cup insular could be something we can buy in a store.  It is easy to take off and I would says it looks pretty nice. The foil and felt inside would not easy break. Overall, I think the quality of our cup insulator is pretty good.