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Our Stories Make History final project

During the unit of “Our Stories Make History”, we have crated projects that summarizes our life during the Coronavirus period. I created numerous projects such as the six word memoir or the Make or Perform project.
I organized my final project by adding all the past projects based on the Coronavirus together.
They will learn of the time period during a global pandemic and how people felt during the time of the outbreak just like the diary of Anne Frank.
I think what went really well is the six-word memoir and the make or perform project though I prefer the six word memoir because it’s short by it’s meaningful. I am proud of how I managed to finish all my assignments and do well in my assignments of the ‘Our Stories make History’ unit.
I think it is really challenging to keep up with all the work and assignments. I think it is very hard to finish the homework during not only this unit, but the whole eLearning experience.

below is my final project for ‘Our Stories Make History’, which is a mixture of all the past projects I’ve done in this unit.



  1. I think this cover looks good, I think it will great if you add the link to the article

  2. I like the pictures and design. I also like the information you added in your timeline, they’re very interesting.

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