Percy Jackson CER



In Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief, Percy Jackson is brave. From page 53 to 55, Percy Jackson fought the minotaur and ‘killed’ it. He somehow without fear faced the minotaur without running away screaming. He used his knowledge and faced something he has never met and saved the unconscious Grover and carried him all over to Camp Half-blood while he himself was hurt badly. Also, he fought and killed Mrs. Dodds from page 12-13 with a sword. Based on these actions one can infer that Percy is brave because it isn’t common for a 12-years-old to fight a giant bull man ten times his size and fight off a flying lady without any battle training. If Nancy Bobofit was in this kind of situation, she wouldn’t have reacted in the same way as Percy did. Percy has never faced any monsters before Mrs. Dodds, and even though it was his first time, he reacted quickly to the predicament. He never used a sword (except during tournament day) and even so he tried to use it with only his courage backing him up when fighting Mrs. Dodds.