Percy Jackson is very loyal to his friends—but that is after he makes one. Percy is fanning away his friends by his actions and decisions. He can be quite cranky sometimes, that’s okay, but not always. Sometimes he just gets pissed off when others don’t know that he is angry, and that’s not the best way to create good relationships, which is vital to human, especially during his age.

From page 21-22, Mr. Brunner tried to help Percy deal with the fact that he has to leave school again, trying to tell him he’s not ‘normal’, but Percy Just walked away before his teacher finished. It is quite understandable at first because somebody telling you you’re not fit for a school and that you’re not normal might be irritating, but even so you can express your anger by telling him that. In page 23-24, Percy Jackson cuts in his friend Grover when Grover tried to explain Mrs. Dodds and his conversation with Mr. Brunner, he also said to him, “Why would I need you?”. That probably would have set Grover off if he were not his keeper. Also, in the first page of chapter 3, page 29, Percy ditched Grover once they got off the bus at the bus station. Grover made Percy promise he would wait for him while he goes to the bathroom, something Percy described Grover would do if he gets nervous. Percy knows Grover is nervous and desperately wanted to accompany him back to his home. Even so, Percy also got nervous and went home himself, without waiting for Grover. Grover could’ve gotten pretty angry at Percy, if not trying to protect him from monsters.

From the article Having good friends can improve our well-being, especially during the holidays and Why personal relationships are important, we can see how important it is to have friends all time, especially during the holidays. Percy made numerous decisions doing the opposite, fanning away his friends even though he was on holiday. From Why personal relationships are important, we can see how good relationships can benefit our wellbeing. A study of 148 people reveal that people with strong social relationships are 50% less likely to die prematurely. Another example is when The university of Chicago researchers studied a group of 229 adults over five years and found out that loneliness could predict higher blood pressure even years later, proving that loneliness have long term-effects. And he’s not exactly making good friends in his school. He cannot make good friends in his school if he was always cranky and doesn’t listen to others.

According to Having good friends can improve our well-being, especially during the holidays, Percy can try to invite his friends to some park or somewhere he feels comfortable inviting people to. Extending an invitation can help him extend relationships. Perhaps he can even offer some of his classmates that are just like him to do the Summer job with him. He can provide acts of kindness as gifts to others. He can perhaps help one of his classmates to do homework—if he can—or maybe help others with ancient Greek. When he is in a conflict with one of his close friends, he can try to respectfully express his feelings and let it go for a moment. He can also write a letter to his classmates (or friends), since it is most likely he doesn’t have a phone. And besides, letters work better! Through letters, we can express our feelings fully—through drawings and decorations that we couldn’t use in an online email or text message. To forge a relationship, he can ask intentional questions. For example asking a friend or classmate about their weekends and what they do, or their family traditions, or he could just plainly ask them for homework help.

In conclusion, Percy is sometimes cranky and ended up fanning away his friends, and that can result in terrifying consequences. But even so, he can try to find more friends by using a nicer attitude and reaching out to classmates and friends for help and carry out acts of kindness.