"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

master lego

this is a building I build I’m really proud that I found all the material I need

if I can do it again I would like to make it bigger and try to make so rooms inside


Master lego

vacuum cleaner and a car

I create a car that can pull all the dirty stuff in


if I can do it again a would want to change the type and how it’s formed.

Master LEGO

we went through the  design cycle 15 times

I think I did pretty good and I challenged myself cause if I don’t have this enrichment I will not build legos

I feel pretty proud cause I challenged myself I build a car with lego pieces

I think it’s already good enough and if I have more time I wouldn’t think of anything to add ether

I’m pretty proud of what I made


Master LEGO Builders

my purpose is that my vehicle can nock things away

build the lego piece strong and hard so it’s not easy to break down

I can improve this vehicle by adding more blocks to make the top layer strong so it will not flip easly.




Master LEGO

strengths 1:  I skeached out and how i should build my lego pieces

stengths 2:


i should imporve on:  more on perticeapating the group work

i should imporve on:  keep trying and not gaving up easly


A summary of “happy is the key to having a successful life”

A lot of people say being happy is really had, and not all of us are happy every day. a group of people had discovered that letting a bunch of people watch a happy video and a bunch of people watches a video that’s happy nor sad, the people watch the happy video write more than the other group. And scientist has proved that being happy can make you live longer and healthier.

so be HAPPY

early human (homos)

our cardboard carcade.

this is our design project sketch 

it was really fun making it

if I have another time I will choss something ease because it’s not really eye-catching

I don’t think it’s a success because in the middle our game brake.



I wrote this story because basically is the first time me and my sister going without my parents to a really big place and I learned to thurst my sister because she didn’t lose me and didn’t pull me on rides that I don’t what to go on but  I think I didn’t do well on the story because the time is not enough and I didn’t include a lot of details and show not tell next time I will do better.

where I’m from

                       Where l am from poem

I am from the small of the crispy duck                                                           

I am from the smell of pollution

  I am from the sound of wake up, wake up, wake up                    

I am forming my parents

I am from the lady who can be as happy as a little kid or also as mad as a tiger

I form the man can be so generous that he can give anything to

me and my sister

I am from a place is as big as you can’t even imagine

I am from a huge family

  I am from mountains of stuff animals

I am from the small of my Ayi’s chicken soup

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