Early Humans and Us

this is my Early humans project Thinglink. It is about how hunting has evolved over time.

Our CardBoard Arcade








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My biggest success was placing the obstacles. my partner and I spent a lot of time placing the obstacles so it is not too easy or Hard to score in the goals.

One piece of advice would give a future student doing this project is to try to chose a game idea that is not to easy to make because then you will be bored for the howl design class, but not Make it hard or you’ll never finish it.

Overall, I think this product was successful because a lot of people played the game and others in our class also enjoyed it.


 trip gone wrong click for ebook (with audio)


trip gone wrong click for PDF


in my story, i was on a vacation and I had a virus that made me barf the howl way. My story changed a lot , it started as a few paragraphs with horrible spelling to a good story. I used lots of onomatopoeia to make the story a bit more real. I really like my final piece because it is a funny and disgusting and one of my best story’s.


I am From

I am from laptop

From plush and pencil

I am from Old time home

And a pile of apartments

I am from lemon

Whose I squeeze for juice

I am from plant and car

From Pap and Becker

I am from gaming and kindness

And from Traveling

From laziness

I am from Budapest

I am from édi from Hungary

From gulash soup and chicken

From the lady that passed away when I was 3

And from the quiet Buda

An orange and white owl

I am from those moments I am from Budapest


on our final design we used a bottle, a cup, soil, netting, cloth, and lots of rocks.

our problem was to filter dirty water to make it (kinda) drinkable.

engineering is important because if no one was an engineer, then there would be no tech, no light, and no cars!

our challenge was to make a working design.

we chose our design because its the only one we could think of, and it dosn’t work. also it was a total fail. we would add lots of cotton and cloth if we had more Materials.













I am…

I am a gamer

I am an eater

I am a learner

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