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Humanities Essay Reflection

What you did well in your essay?

Introduction paragraph- I organized my claim well and did not give too much information

What you might like to improve?

I need to improve concluding paragraph, I need to conclude my statement clearly.

Are there any areas where you marked yourself differently than Ms. Rivera? What are you thoughts?

I think I marked wrong haha

What was the biggest challenge that you faced while researching, planning and writing this essay? How did you overcome this challenge?

It was concluding paragraph and finding MLA. I asked to teacher and found MLA and also worked with concluding paragraph

Percy Jackson Informational Blog

 I read a book named Percy Jackson and the Olympians. In this book, the main character named Percy who has ADHD, make choices. And there were good choices but bad choices also. I picked one choice that Percy made wrong. 

 On chapter 1, Percy pushed Nancy because she dumped her half-eaten lunch on Grover. Mrs. Dodds, his algebra teacher, called Percy and went inside the museum and turned into monster. The pen turned to sword. With that sword, Percy made Mrs. Dodds vaporize. And when he said this to classmates, but they said there is no teacher named Mrs. Dodds.  

 After this incident, every bad thing happened to him. He expelled from school. He was troublemaker so he expelled from Yancy Academy. Now he expelled 6 times and he is 6th grade. Also, he heard Mr. Brunner and Grover talking. They said they need to make sure Percy is alive until he moves to new school on fall. That means he could die before he moves to a new school. On chapter 4, he meets bull man, Minotaur, and Percy’s mom l died. And Percy is in danger. He’s stepfather, Gabe, act bad. He loves money than Percy’s mom and Percy. But Percy’s mom loves Percy, so he relies on his mom but mom that Percy loves died.  

  The one wrong choice made this situation. So, I want to tell Percy to lower his anger. He needs to think before he do/say something. When he wanted to push Nancy but think what will happen next and feel this will have bad result, doesn’t push her, these things were not happened and live happily with his mom. And, he needs to think positively, act positively, say positively. Percy needs to exercise or spent time outside. Also, sometimes ADHD can be controlled by medicine too. I prefer him to go to hospital and treat well. This could be better. 

 To conclude, in the book named Percy Jackson and the Olympians, I chose one example that Percy made a bad choice and the result of that. I chose when Percy pushed Nancy. After this the bad things happened to Percy. And I want to give him a solution. The solution was think before he do/say something, think, act, say positively, and he need to exercise or spent time outside. 


I read a book named Percy Jackson and I felt that Percy is gets easily scared. He was scared in this book because after he vaporize his math teacher he noticed there was no Mrs. Dodds a teacher (who Percy vaporized during field trip) in Yancy Academy but felt kids were lying who was Mrs. Dodds? And he heard that Mr. Brunner and Grover talked about Percy. They were talking about they need to make sure he is alive until he move to other school. This would be scared because that means Percy might die before go to new school.  Also Grover said always ‘Always six grade. They never past sixth’. And Percy will think that there was similar situation to other kids and they didn’t survive. That will scared Percy because he would die. He would get scared when his mom is died. He didn’t like Gabe who is his stepfather and just liked his mom a lot because she loves Percy a lot but when she dies he would be sad but also scared because he is alone actually not alone just with a stepfather who likes money that Percy. When I have this situation, I would be scared too because there is no one to protect me from now on. This is the reason why I think Percy gets easily scared and they evidence from the book. 

G6 Science Habitat mini project – Polar Region

1. My biggest take away is about food web and food chain, during doing researching about habitat and species, I learned many things about food web and food chain. Also I learned how to make food web and food chain.

2. Next year, I want to learn about chemistry.

Our Stories Make History

Our Stories Make History – My Reflection 

 During our unit, Our Stories Make History, I learned my diary could help people know 

about Coronavirus situation. I also learned how to write diary well. In my project, I 

included the movies that I watched while staying in home, the book I read, my timeline, 

and also my diary.  

 We created this project to help people in the future understand  

COVID-19. This source may be helpful to other grade 6 because they can also know 

whaother friends did during coronavirus situation. Students would learn that my  

journal could be very helpful in the future.  

 During this unit, I felt happy but also tired because I want my diary is helpful to people 

in the future, but it was not that easy, so I think Anne Frank did a good job. One day, I  

hope my diary become a book. While I did some things well, there was also challenges. I  

learned to use computer well because I had some problems with this computer. Next  

time I will try to write diary every day and make my timeline with Canva.

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