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Summative Essay Reflection

What I did well on this essay was I had solid or at least good reasons and evidence to support my points and overall my claim, what I need to improve on next time is have linking sentences, and restating my claim. I should improve on these two points by restating my claim which is just to tell the reader at the end of each paragraph about what my claim is again so they don’t forget and doesn’t go off topic, and for linking sentence I have to write sentences like because, or as a result, and this shows.


I want to prepare a Pokemon Sword & Shield match in school for a activity, I will prepare it by first organize a sign up for everyone that plays Sword or Shield Pokemon, then I will organize a room to have the match in, and also everyone in school who wants to watch. the match will be separated to 3 parts the first part will choose from battling 3 groups of 2 people from 5 groups, the second part will choose 2 groups that win, then the third part will be the fight to gain champion

How Percy’s decisions impact him

Nowadays, kid face many challenges including ADHD and hard to build positive relationships with people around them. In the first three chapters of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Percy faced multiple things and had to make hard decisions that would impact the whole story, how the story would go if he made other choices.  these choices include his attitude towards school and his positive relationships. 



ADHD impacts Percy’s choices because he is impulsive and gets easily distracted. This could be solved by exercising outside more.  According to page of Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, Percy blurts out “Will you shut up!” louder than expected. Blurting out answers in class or just generally blurting out is one of the symptoms of ADHD according to the neurodiversity articlethis also shows that ADHD makes him very impulsive, and sometimes not think about things and make good or in other ways, right, choices On page   17, Percy mentions “my grades slipped   from ds to fs which is usually caused by   not paying attention, and by not paying attention it means that he is easily distracted by anything which is a    symptom of ADHDThese symptoms could be solved by letting  Percy exercise outside more and move around to keep him interested,    Percy  is also interested in ancient Greek so the teachers can relate their class to ancient   Greek, so Percy  doesn’t get easily distracted because  the class is boring.   In conclusion, Percy is impulsive and gets easily distracted. 


Positive relationships with his mom and    Grover help    him deal with stress and stay healthy, an advice for     Percy when he has down feelings is, he could write a letter to friends and family in old fashion ways. Positive relationships impacts    Percy because in the book on page  32~33  Percy says, “my mother can make me feel good just by walking into the room” and in the article it mentions” Research indicates that strong relationships contribute to health at any age”. Having a positive relationship helps Percy because in the book on page3 it indicates “Grover tried to calm me down” which in the article is explained as “The support offered by a caring friend can provide a buffer against the effects of stress”.   these evidences show that Percy has positive relationships with people he trusts. 


In conclusion Percy is impacted by his choices and ADHD, also being hard to build positive relationships, this could be improved by exercising more outside and socializing with people more. 

Electronic Card Course Reflection

Throughout this challenge, I learned the science inside of the circuit making and how to make and use circuits. even though my circuits were not successful enough to work, I still learned a lot of things for example how electricity flows and why circuits work. In this class, I have learned a lot of knowledge that I didn’t know before about circuits and the flow of electricity. after this test I knew more than before about circuits, before I had class I thought circuits were just random tape and round metal batteries that lights up an LED, but now I know that just a simple circuit still needs hours to make and is not as simple as it seems.

C.R.A.P Bias



Government: Red

Media reporter: orange

Migrants: Green

relativism fits in this article because the article is not absolute about something they are talking for both sides. absolutism fits in this article because they are a little more absolute about the president decision to be right, by talking more about trump’s decision

Science Final Project

My biggest takeaway for 6 grade was how complex the food chain is and how much of the food chain is affected. if I could write a report I would say that I am confident about making models but I could still improve on my analyzing data part and my science explanation. I would like to do more interesting experiments next year.

Our Stories Make History – Reflection

During this unit of Our Stories Make History, I created a timeline of different events that happened during this time of the Coronavirus, I also kept track of my emotion and what I was doing each day with a Daily Journal Entry Book, I was able to use descriptive language and unique words to describe my feelings and emotions, I also was able to use figurative language to show what I was doing and what was happening in the world around me. In this unit I wrote an opinion article about my opinion of the situation I think we are in right now and what I think is happening in the world about the coronavirus. I was able to create a Thinglink including all the work which I did throughout these 8 weeks and the citations of all the sources I used.

My Favorites

A book that I like would be “Space Case” because I think that it is amazing in many ways, for example, it is a book where the main characters have to solve a murder mystery, and second it is about the future where people can live on the moon and has all these hologram techs and virtual reality equipment with is really cool

Early Humans Project

Instrument Design Challenge

The middle one is mine

I think my instrument was very interesting and also worked well because when we played hot cross buns, my instrument could almost play all the notes except for the third note. I think my carrot saxophone worked out pretty well also because I think that all the things it was supposed to do, it did it all. I also think that the process of making my very odd carrot saxophone was very fun and interesting because I got to drill holes in the carrot and also got to make a funnel by CUTTING a bottle’s top which was really really fun and dangerous at the same time. The first carrot died of honor because of an editing error so it met its grave, but the second carrot was the one I played on, but it sadly went on display, which I told the teacher a lot of times not to put it on display because it will definitely rot and not be able to play any note. Overall, I think this project worked out pretty well, as well as my carrot saxophone, I think I have learned a lot about how saxophones work during this project and I hope that we can do more projects like this to improve our understanding of our instruments.
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