Legacies of ancient Rome and ancient China

Here is the book that I made about legacies of ancient Rome and ancient China.

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Percy and Positive Relationships

Question: What are the impacts of positive relationships on Percy’s life?

Try to imagine a life without friends and family. Your life will be miserable and dark. Scientists have proved that a positive relationship is the main key to happiness and it also impacts your well-being. (University of Minnesota) Percy is experiencing the importance of a positive relationship by missing his friends and mom in the book, “Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.”

It seems like Percy is easily influenced by his personal relationships. In the book, the main character Percy has two problems with building a positive relationship with others. One was the misses his mother terribly because he is in boarding school. And we can notice this by what he has mentioned, “I was homesick. I wanted to be with my mom in our little apartment on the Upper East Side.”(pg.17) Percy has a stronger bond with his mom than other children. Whenever Percy got into trouble, he always worries about his mom. Another problem was with Grover. Grover is Percy’s one and only best friend in school. Percy strongly believed him, but Percy heard Grover was talking about him to the teacher. In the book, Percy said, “I was three steps from the door handle when I heard voices that were definitely Grover’s said, “… worried about Percy, sir.” I froze.”  Even though it was a misunderstanding Percy felt betrayed by Grover. With the feeling that missing his mom and upset with his best friend, Percy felt depressed. And this does not only happen to Percy because the study has shown that not having a positive relationship, will lead people to feel depressed and unhappy. (University of Minnesota)

However, these problems were solved pretty simply because the only thing that he needed was to have a chat with Grover. As he talks with Grover, he realized that he misunderstood what Grover has said. When Grover told Percy, “I am your friend.” All of sudden, Percy felt happier again. Also, he met his mom after he kicked out of the school, he didn’t feel alone. Because he could see his mom. This shows that personal positive relationships can make Percy’s mood up and down in one second. In the book, when Percy met his mom in the apartment and gets hugged by his mom, he said, ” My mother can make me feel good just by walking into the room. The research proved that a positive relationship helps you to reduce stress and live longer with a healthier body. Which shows that Percy should contain his positive relationships. This means if Percy contains his positive relationship with others, it’ll give Percy a good influence. Some of the tips for Percy to build stronger positive relationships: listen to others, respect others, memorize other’s names, and find similar interests with others. (Litmos Heroes)

In conclusion, Percy is the type of person who is easily influenced by his personal relationships. Percy’s development of positive relationships will have a big influence on his life such as: reduce stress, live longer, feel richer, and no depression. That’s why I suggest Percy contain a positive relationship with Grover and his mom, and also build some positive relationships with others, so he will have a better life.

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Drama Assessment (Rachel.K, Lily.Z)

Here is our drama assessment video.

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Habitat Mini Project-Reflection

What is your biggest take away from 6th-grade science?

My biggest take away from 6th-grade science was learning different types of energy, and the flow of the energy. Before 6th-grade science, I never think about energy. However, after learning science in 6th grade, I notice that I learned a lot of information about energy.

What would you like to work on for next year in science?

I want to learn something new because I know that science is hard to study, but it feels nice to learn something that I didn’t know. And I really enjoyed doing science with my friends and do some investigating.

Share something you learned regarding the habitat and/or species.

I want to share something about species call ‘Tree Kangaroo,’ when I didn’t research about them, I only thought that they are just cute animals. Although, while researching I noticed that Tree Kangaroos are endangered, and their population is only about 500.


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Our Stories Makes History-Reflection

During the unit called ‘Our Stories Makes History’ we record our daily life with journaling, and we read a lot of articles that were about COVID-19. We also shared our thought about the coronavirus outbreak. That’s why we decided to start a project to organize our resources into one piece. During the project, we added our daily journals, photos, and something that we record during coronavirus outbreak. To organize my project, I used Thinglink because Thinglink was the website that I am comfortable to use. I think this primary source will be useful to the historian or other people in the future because they can know some of the experiences that I had in Korea and China. Also, they can notice that coronavirus hardly impacted many people’s life. In this unit, I think organizing my sources went well for me because as I was getting some of the feedback from the teacher, I learned a lot about how to organize sources. Something that was challenging for me was writing a diary every single day. There was nothing hard for me to write a diary every day, but it was hard to write something special because every day was the same.

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Creative Performance Assignment

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Dear Abby Letter

Sep 17, 2016

Dear Abby: Hi Abby, I am a student who is going to middle school this year. I have younger sister and older brother, which mean I am a middle child.

As I told you, I am going up to middle school, and I really hate middle school, because I know middle is the worst thing in the world. For example in my house, I am a middle child, and that is driving me crazy. My older brother is so smart that everyone is calling him GENIUS, and a lot of my neighborhood is fan of him! He never teased by mom, because he taking care of him by himself. My young sister is cute, she is adorable, and that’s why all of the adults like him. Whenever she draw something random, adults say she is a young picasso. But I am such a normal kid, I am not talented, and I am not cute. This is the reason why I HATE middle. Is there’s solution that cannot make me in the middle?


Student don’t want to be middle

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Thinglink Project Reflection

For the Early Human and Us project, we used Thinglink to organize our researched information. And this is reflection about my feeling about thinglink project. I think finding accurate information is the point that went well in this project, because I saw the same information in many website which means all of the information that I researched is accurate. Something that didn’t went well is finding primary source about early human, because I wanted to find a primary source that connected with family. But I couldn’t, so I just used a primary source that’s little bit connected with my research question. And the thing that I want to change is that I want to add more description on my thinglink, because for my thinglink project, I forgot to add some description on my infographic. So, I want to change that so other people can understand my infographic better.

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Early Human and Us

In humanities class, we had research unit about early human and us. My research topic was community, and my research question was “How have form of family changed over time?” Down here is my thinglink that include my infographic, primary source of early human , primary source of modern human, and a recording.

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RIPCI (Rescue International Penguin’s Cup Insulator)

This is photo of our team RIP’s cup insulator. For this cup insulator, we use foil, bubble wrap, blanket, and foil to keep the heat. Because when we did an experiment that what will keep the cold best, and we figured out that foil and bubble wrap keep the cold best. So same as water bottle that keep cold and heat, we thought foil and bubble wrap will also protect the heat.  And I am proud that our cup insulator keep the heat really well, and only lose 7 degrees. Because our main goal for this project was protecting the heat, and it actually protected the heat pretty well. I think this is really good game for our community, because even though it’s small cup insulator, we can use this as the background, and make something bigger that can protect a lot of place’s heat. For example, in the house, we lost a lot of heat at the winter and we are keep using heater which make the earth warmer.  In this project, I learn how to collaborate with each other and how to communicate with each other, because this cup insulator project was team project. So it was not the project that we should make something that’s amazing and protect the heat, it also need collaboration in the team and we need strength to respect each other.

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