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Trust and Responsibility

This is a Found poem selected from the third page of the passage “Thank you,M’am” by Langston Hughes. The poem shows that the boy wants to run away and not take responsibility to the stealing of the woman’s pocketbook but he decided not to run to show the woman that he takes the responsibility of answering to what he had done.

Final Project

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In this unit, I learned to do many things. We studied about covid 19 and I have known that it has infected about 1 million people although the world and it influences almost everyone. It starts a economy depression worldwide and have influenced our everyday life. Things that we always need like instant noodles, toilet paper, N95 masks are almost 5* the price before. Also, the oil Crisis happened now makes the price of oil slump to negative 33 Dollars per barrel. This unit lets us learned more about it.

At first, Our teachers teached us to make collages, 6-word memoirs, and writing a daily journal everyday.

(This is my journal on January 23 but it’s not written on that day)

The day of January, 23th is such a bad day. About the coronavirus, Wuhan government decided to shut Wuhan to control the coronavirus. Their original intension is to stop someone running away from Wuhan to spread the coronavirus. But just a little move, maked the situation a lot more worse. The Wuhan government said that they will lock down at 10 AM in the morning when it is midnight. This leave 10 hours for the Wuhan citizens to escape. The Wuhan government didn’t thought it will be like this but lock down now is too late. In only 10 hours, 2 million people escaped from Wuhan. Even today, I didn’t know how did they do it. If you just average it, it’s 200 thousand in an hour, 3 1/3 thousands in an minute, 55 5/9 in A SECOND!!! Imagine 55 people rushing out the only 4 highways out of Wuhan in a second!!! And it’s just a average. Also on that day, it makes the longest traffic jam too. I think the government is very, very dumb. They just spread 2 million to china, and 60 thousand to other countries!!! This makes now that America has a lot of patents. Because of this, I felt very scared that the coronavirus will spread to Beijing and to other parts of the world. I felt worried about me and my parent’s safety. And on the evening of that day, my family went out and spended about 1500 RMB only to buy foods and supply to reduce the times we need to go out afterwards. Also, because of we are all using resources but nobody is there to produce these resources, the resources will soon be used up. And also, these days the stock market is about –4-5% on average each day. That means the global economy is also been affected by the coronavirus. I feel very unsafe that soon there will be no foods in the market so we are buying as much food as we can those days. And, because of when the virus just started, it’s spring festival and the workers and shopkeepers went to their hometown. And because of the virus, they think here is unsafe so they didn’t come back. This makes many shops and services are closed because there are no workers. So I felt that even if there is food, nobody is going to sell it and the supply chain just has been cut down because of this. I felt that soon foods will be much more valuable than before. However, the coronavirus is harming the whole world in different ways. If we don’t want to suffer in it, we need to finish it quickly.

When I thought it will be finished soon, the coronavirus breaked out in America and makes me really worried about them and the end of the virus.


My Favorite

This is a non-fiction book about a girl that don’t like learning, and got expelled in grade 1, Then she went to a unique school. That school has unique looking, unique way to learn, and unique people. She loves that school and begin to like to learn. There is also many fun events in this story.

This story happens in japan, in the world war II times. The author is the girl in the book and it is really interesting to check it out(if you haven’t read it before)

How has Technology influences early humans and us

This is a LINK to my thinglink.
This project is about Technology researches about early humans and us.
It takes 9 days to do it.(even if it don’t looks like)

Where I’m from

I am from board games,

From cards and tea,

I am from the peach on the trees,

and the children playing outside.


I am from a spruce tree,

Whose know how to protect its self.

I am from a small Television and a tea table,

From the Chinese and American,


I am from my mom and my dad,

and from clever and brave.

From Music, Math and literature,

I am from my 9th birthday party,

I am from my grandpa and my great grandma,

From dumplings and sandwiches,

From the world war ,

And from Chinese chess.

The big table,

I am from those moments: Music, Math and literature.

A people that is awesome wrote this ^_^

My name is Raymond. I got this name for only 1 reason: My mom and dad want it to rhyme with my Chinese name.

My Chinese name is 周明睿, This name comes because of my family’s rule…


bye bye

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