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There is a bug i cannot move my dots away from the middle


My narrative link: https://app.bookcreator.com/read/ybidcQAaShWJsgJwGeqhGg(copy/paste)

My reflection

When my first draft was finished, I realized that I had a lot of grammar problems. I changed a lot of words and creating new paragraphs and reduces the problem.(but not fully cleared) From this, I learned that I need to check the paragraphs after I wrote to find the problems.

water filter ^_^

we used rocks, cloth*1, Cottonball*2, a c\Cocacola bottle and a web.

why is engineering important?
Engineering is important because it could help our life everyday. Like the phone, computer we used. Engineering is everywhere around us.

what is your challenge?
The project is about to clean a can of dirty water into drinkable water. but all we could do is to make the brownish water to a can of yellowish water. We tried very hard but it still remained yellow.

Why did you choose that design and how does it work? Was your design successful?How might you change your filter if you could do it again?
I chose that design because it works the best and it looks good. It works when the water went through, It takes the dirt and rocks out and leaves the water. My design is successful because it cleaned 90% of the water. I will put more thin cloth instead of thick cloth.^_^


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