i have climbed over 10 mountains in my life so far so maybe my name should be mountains peak

sci-fi city

fantacy city click to download

children’s hunger games

hunger games for kids

this is a children’s version of the hunger games reaping

sewable e-textiles

i made an among us book mark because i need book mark’s at home and i like among us, this design was the simplest.

i was amazed by the incredible connection of the thread thou it was really hard to know how long you needed the thread to be. I was confident about it but i didn’t really have a choice. A tip for any one who douse this next keep track of your needles.

Course reflection circuits

Course reflection

The best experience so far has been the tinkercad

The circuit  was difficult because the copper tape kept tiering and I tried replacing it but it didn’t work

I am still trying to get the circuit to light up so i am going to replace the copper tape because it still doesn’t work

project reflection

the project was a card for my friend  Maximo and the theme was cat’s and i chose orange paper because he has 2 ginger tabbies the circuit was a simple square circuit and should have worked the led’s were the cat’s eyes and were rainbow because I couldn’t remember his cat’s eye color



Happiness both brings people together and tears them apart. Happiness is caused by a chemical produced by our mind could dopamine. Happiness is a basic emotion and is one we now from berth.

unfound truth


it has been fun but i do think that there was “to much work on the computer”. I feel that we need to laugh in these times, I just went on and did what i could. it could contain a way to stop or to slow another outbreak.

i felt good about finding the sites, i was confused at the start.


meringues are my happy food and making them calms me down this links to covide-19 because right now every body is terrified and trying to calm down and this is what helps me to calm down as well as stress eating so this is what helps me calm down


6 egg whites

1/2 tsp lemon or vanila extract

2 cup confectioners sugar

wisk until soft peaks form then ad the sugar

wisk until firm peaks form then pipe into shapes

preheat oven to 125 celsius then put in oven for 1 hour then turn of heat and leave over night


final project



hominids fire and us

i chose to make my project about fire and gasoline. 
i fell that it was a good idea to use canva to make my infographic.

if i could do it all again and do things differently i wouldn’t i feel i have done as much as i can.

Homo neanderthalensis. The Homo neanderthalensis where smarter then there predecessors and thus survived past them as well as they stayed in large tribes witch helped them by working together. They also used fire to cook there food witch killed the viruses. And they used tools witch they could us to hunt and gather so It in general made things a lot easier. So homo neanderthalensis was one of the most successful hominids of that time

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