The morning will come again. No darkness, no season is eternal

what went well?

everything went well except accidentally deleting my script

what didn’t go so well?

I accidentally deleted my script and I wasn’t very used to using the noodle tools system and citing the sources.

would you change anything?

I would do a more complicated timeline and making it clearer, also citing my sources before I do the thinglink.


homo sapiens



There are a lot of capabilities that helped homo sapiens to survive. One of the main capabilities that homo sapiens had was more advanced clothing, those clothing helped homo sapiens to stay warm in cold areas, also protecting them from animal’s abuse. These early clothing are mainly made of animal skins and sew together.

Another capability that helped homo sapiens is their more advanced tools. These tools helped homo sapiens to do many more activities easily, they mostly used a variety of smaller, more complex, refined and specialized tools including stone tools, fishhooks and harpoons, bows and arrows, spear throwers and sewing needles.

Homo sapiens has become closer to modern humans than any other early humans from using tools, clothing  and other capabilities


My Cardboard Arcade Reflection


The goal of this game is to drop the ball from the top, and then wait till it gets to a certain number and get different points. There are two games that you could play with, the first one is the one above, and the other game is that you could get a random card and shake the box in order to get to the number.

Our biggest success is that we added another game to the project, so it was not as lame as before, also the player gets another option in case they don’t like the other idea.

Our biggest obstacle was sticking the obstacle on/in the box, it is very weak so it’s very hard to stand by its self. Another obstacle was wrapping the ceramic wrap on the box, it has a lot of wrinkles, and every time we use the hot glue gun, it melts through the plastic.

One thing that I would like to change is that the back of the box. It was very hard to stand up and needed support, but there was a supporter before and it broke, causing the supporter to not get glued on, so the backside of the box is not that stable, and it has the leftover of the remain supporter.

map of metaphors

we were supposed to make a map of geography terms like: “mountain is my dream” and alble to explain the reason that you chose using it. I learned using geography terms properly with describing/explaining what it is.






I am from elongated shadows,  

The nausea odor of subway crowds, 

The awkward silence in elevators.  


I am from unfinished homework,  

Half read pages 

Eager classes to catch up, with no respite. 

The swelling pain of holding writing utensils. 


I am from the pungent fragrance of detergent and washed clothing, 

Hanging high-up waiting for the sun’s caress, 

feeling slightly fresh from damps of water. 


I am from unnecessary but friendly concerns, 

“Are you tired?” 

“It’s cold outside, wear more.” 

“Is there still a strong AC at school?” 

“has your wound recovered yet?” 


I am from hopes and dreams, 

The feeling of pride waving at you in big distance. 

The feeling of “never going to achieve” 

Always easy to imagine but difficult to accomplish. 


I am from friends, surrounded by happiness, never being lonely. 

The feeling of “you are not alone, there are people like you in this world” 

I am from the sentence of “It’s okay, let’s wait for next time.”  

feeling that somebody would always be on your side no matter what. 







toxic water to…

Used materials

A piece of 9×9 cm cloth

1/2 waterbottle

lots of duct tape

Dirty water


what is your challenge?

Our challenge is to imagine that we are on a deserted island with only water filled with bacteria that are not healthy to ingest and filter the dirty water on the deserted island so we wouldn’t die of thirst.

why is engineering important?

Engineering is important because you could use the skill of engineering in severe conditions like this one to make your self survive. Engineering is important also because of that it is a big part of human civilization. If we didn’t have engineering in our lives, we wouldn’t really be living in this amazing environment.

why did you choose this design and how does it work? Do you think that it is successful? 

We used the design because cloth is very fibery so it could filter most of the particles from the dirty water, and it wouldn’t absorb most of the water, so we wouldn’t lose much of the water causing no water left. We also used a lot of duct tape because the water kept on leaking outside instead of inside. It works by pouring dirty water in the bottle that we cut in half, so it would have more space to pour in and it would leak out less. and then wait until it leaks hoping that it would come out as clean water. I think it was half successful? Because half of the water leaked outside and half of it leaked inside.

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