In ISB quarter 1 Product Design, our class did a project called “Lightbox Design”. It was about having to make a small box with a design of the place that we weren’t able to go to because of Covid-19. I made a design of Busan Korea, which is where I was born. It was a night view of Busan, a couple of apartments, and an ocean with roads.

We were using an app called “Adobe Illustrator” to make our design. This made us easier for Mr. Laymen, our Product design teacher to cut off the pieces in the laser cutting room.

After the pieces were cut out, we were painting in the painting lab of the design place. There were lots of colors and they were helpful to color out the pieces. (And there was this villain that mixed color in a bottle of another color.)

The final job was to Assemble it, which is having to put all of the pieces together in the box. First, we had a thing called “LED light”. We attached that to our lightbox. Then, we had to use a spacer, to space out our layers. And that was the final lightbox design