Do you want a world with only Plastic? No, so governments should ban single-use plastic because it can cause pollution, waste energy, and it might hurt people’s bodies. Let’s make our land a clean and unpolluted environment so that everyone can enjoy living on Earth.

First, Governments should ban plastic because plastic can pollute the entire Earth. It can harm both the ocean and land, which are very important in our world. It affects us, and other creatures such as animals, plants, and even our streets and alleys. Over 8 million plastics end up in the ocean each year. This means that the amount of plastic that is similar to our school’s land, is dumped into the ocean each year. Let’s move on to the second reason.

Second, Governments should ban plastic because it can also waste energy that can be used for something else that is important. We need 22KWH of energy per 1kg of plastic. A study showed that the energy required to make 9 plastic bags are the same as the total amount of energy to drive a car. We use a single plastic for about 9 minutes and to make 9 of them we need the amount of energy to drive a car. This is a total waste. Plastic bags are made to be the good side of our society, but it turns out that it is not.

Some voices might say that plastic is a reliable source for our society, but that’s not true. Plastic can even hurt humans. Plastic fragments have pollutants such as PAHs and PCBs, which are hormone-disrupting.

Now you should have realized why governments should ban plastic since it harms the Earth, energy, and us. Just think about it, if we ban plastic, we can have a better world. “World without plastic will be no difference than heaven.” -Sam Kim-