Percy Jackson is a very hardheaded person, and he doesn’t like changing his mind. In chapter two, page 25, Percy said that, “All year long, I’d gotten in fights, keeping bullies away from him. I’d lost sleep worrying that he’d get beaten up next year without me. And here he was acting like he was the one who defend me.” This proves that Percy is worrying about Grover, but mostly unaccepting the fact that Grover is trying to protect him when Percy was the one fending off bullies. In chapter four, page 49, Percy expressed, “ ‘Mom, you’re coming too.’ Her face was pale, her eyes as sad as when she looked at the ocean ‘No!’ I shouted, ‘You are coming with me.’” And “I got mad, then—mad at my mother, at Grover the goat, at the thing with horns that was lumbering towards us slowly and deliberately like, like a bull. ‘We’re going together. Come on, Mom.’” This makes out that Percy’s mind could not be easily changed and does what he says.