In this unit of circuits, Our class were assigned to make a pin/bookmark. We are suppose to incorporate a LED on to our project.

I chose to make a pin since I figure that its more space compact and easier to carry around. The pin could come all shapes and sizes whereas the bookmark could only be a certain  size. As for the design, I took inspiration from Pokémon and made a quick ball to monument the day that I caught a Dialga with one. I also made a lightning and a grass block design from Clash Royale, Shocktober Season 16, and Minecraft. Eventually I chose to make the quick ball since I want to challenge myself. I also wanted to make a Minecraft waxed_semiweathered-cut-copper-stairs, but decided not to.

So I started to make my pin. At first the design was decently easy, since it was just a flat background. Then there is a slight problem with my pattern on my design . I did not measure the angle of the pattern, so I had to go back to the drawing board. After I finished the pattern that goes on my quick ball, its time to make the separation line from the top half and the bottom half of the ball. At first I decided that I was going to make the center dot and the line two different layers, but decided to make it one to make sure that the LED fits through.

What was hard for me was the sewing. I didn’t have a lot of experience on it and the battery holder was blocking the way. It was also hard to sew the small parts together, and eventually I glued them all up.