In this unit we combined everything we learned together and designed our final project. For me, I designed a Minecraft Torch. I was supposed to attach my project to my friend’s but we ran out of time. This project includes coding and sewing, and a whole lot of problem solving.

My project is a little different than my previous projects, since its more complicated. At first I thought of building a frame to hold the felt. I wasn’t sure on what material to use at first, but I did think of what shape I should use for the frame. At first I decided on cylinder poles for the frame since its a better grip. Latter I found out that I need to scrap that idea since I figured that its harder to attach them together. Therefore, I settled on square polls. I decided on wood since its easier to cut.

When I started to make the frame, I ran into a lot of problems. At  first the only problems were the cuts were not strait and its hard to attach to everything else. Later I ran into another problem. I had inaccurate measurements and I had to cut everything to the same length. Then I ran into my third problem. I was supposed to make a smaller frame to fit inside my outer frame to fit my circuits on, but I forgot about the thickness or the wood, therefore I had to redo it in a from of thinner wood.

Something I learned from this class is that I have to check and double check my measurements. I also learned about coding and how it works, since I never did it before.