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Performance Assignment

What Did the Cup-Insulator Say to the Cup?—”Whats-cup bro?”

In science, we are assigned to a project. in this project, we are supposed to design a cup insulator to prevent the contents inside drop temperature.
For the cup insulator, the most thing I’m proud of is that how we did all the calculations, how we put the insulator together, and how we made it so its really easy to remove. If we could re-do the insulator, then I will make the lid attached to the main part. The hardest thing to do during the project is that how we rapped our insulator around the cup since its thick.

My Flip world

swimming are my mountains because I can drop back down any time

my couch is  my oassis  because every time I get tired, the first thing I do is lie on the couch

my memory is a river, because I forget things

my word I speak is a volcano because I just, well, speak

math is a plain because its EZ

hockey is a forest because you don’t know whats going to happen

my family is an ocean because you don’t know whats going to happen

reading is a lake because I am relaxed

gaming is an island because I seperate it from reality



da design stuff

my biggest success was when i made the kids happy. my biggest obstacle was stabblalizing the whole game. skills that i learned was using the drill. 1 thing i like to change is the “hook” that “hooks” the kids. 1 concern was that when the retrivers did not work. if i did this again, i would do a different game



I am From Memories and Cupboards

In Humanities, we had read other  ‘where Im from’ poems. We brainstormed of things, places, and quotes that are important to us. then we included it in our poems and added figurative language.


HUM_Wu_Scott_Were Im From Poem

How Is Middle School So Far?

i like ms cause its different than es, and we could buy stuff with lunch cards. but i still miss recess.

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