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Am I a Humanist?

“Lamb to the Slaughter” Found Poem

Lamb to the Slaughter is a short story written by Roald Dahl. This was a short story about a detective named Patrick and his wife Mrs. Maloney. On a Thursday, Mrs. Maloney had hit Patrick with a frozen lamb leg, therefore killing him. The police couldn’t find the thing that had been used to kill Patrick, hence I used ‘what’ instead ‘who’.

“‘That’s a hell of a big club the guy must’ve used to hit poor Patrick,’ one of them was saying. ‘The doc says his skull was smashed all to pieces just like from a sledgehammer.’” Clearly, the police had thought that It was some sort of heavy metal, but the story tells us otherwise.

Argumentative Essay Reflection

What I think I did well on this essay is my introduction, and I think that I had a good hook and transition for my introduction.  What I might need to improve on is siting the information more specifically, and improve on my closing statement in the conclusion. There are a couple of areas where I marked myself differently for example, some parts I marked myself in between meeting and approaching since I’m not sure where I was. One of the biggest challenges were finding evidence, since I didn’t have any before.

Percy Jackson Informational

Decisions are sometimes are hard to make, but sometimes you could make a decision carelessly. In the book Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief, he makes decisions that could impact him later. For example, when he snapped at his teacher, blurting out a question, and pushing his classmate into a fountain.

In chapter 1, page 17, Percy had snapped at his teacher which made a very big deal. “Finally, when our English teacher, Mr. Nicoll, asked me for the millionth time why I was too lazy to study for spelling tests, I snapped. I called him an old sot.” This may impact him on his grades, or might even get expelled, which could possibly change his whole life. This also could affect his level of respect. Topic 2, article 1 states that “Be open and accept what’s going on around you.” This would help Percy to make a different decision that time, and maybe he could pick up English”

In the beginning of chapter 2, page 23, Percy couldn’t stand his friend Grover anymore “Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore. I said, ‘Looking for Kindly Ones?’” This plays a big role in the book, but this also might affect the relation between him and Grover. It also could impact his life and the other world. “Healthy relationships are a vital component of health and wellbeing.” Stated the second article in topic 3. Percy could have asked in another way, and then work out what is happening.

In chapter 1, page 9, Percy had some anger issues and “pushed” his classmate into a fountain. I tried to stay cool. The school counselor had told me a million times, “Count to ten, get control of your temper.” But I was so mad my mind went blank. A wave roared in my ears. I don’t remember touching her, but the next thing I knew, Nancy was sitting on her butt in the fountain, screaming, Percy pushed me!” This behavior will impact his learning because detentions from Mrs. Dodds. “The best decisions are made using both logic and emotion.” Stated in Topic 2, article 2. If he had done what he was trying to do; count to 10, then he would not “push” Nancy.

To summaries, Percy Jackson had made a lot of choices like calling his teacher an old sot, or asking something he’s not supposed to ask, to pushing a classmate into a fountain. Percy could make different decisions and improved them, or he could not do anything. Decisions are sometimes are hard to make, but sometimes you could make a decision carelessly.



Percy Jackson CER

Percy Jackson is a very hardheaded person, and he doesn’t like changing his mind. In chapter two, page 25, Percy said that, “All year long, I’d gotten in fights, keeping bullies away from him. I’d lost sleep worrying that he’d get beaten up next year without me. And here he was acting like he was the one who defend me.” This proves that Percy is worrying about Grover, but mostly unaccepting the fact that Grover is trying to protect him when Percy was the one fending off bullies. In chapter four, page 49, Percy expressed, “ ‘Mom, you’re coming too.’ Her face was pale, her eyes as sad as when she looked at the ocean ‘No!’ I shouted, ‘You are coming with me.’” And “I got mad, then—mad at my mother, at Grover the goat, at the thing with horns that was lumbering towards us slowly and deliberately like, like a bull. ‘We’re going together. Come on, Mom.’” This makes out that Percy’s mind could not be easily changed and does what he says.

Our Stories Make History

Performance Assignment

My Flip world

swimming are my mountains because I can drop back down any time

my couch is  my oassis  because every time I get tired, the first thing I do is lie on the couch

my memory is a river, because I forget things

my word I speak is a volcano because I just, well, speak

math is a plain because its EZ

hockey is a forest because you don’t know whats going to happen

my family is an ocean because you don’t know whats going to happen

reading is a lake because I am relaxed

gaming is an island because I seperate it from reality



I am From Memories and Cupboards

In Humanities, we had read other  ‘where Im from’ poems. We brainstormed of things, places, and quotes that are important to us. then we included it in our poems and added figurative language.


HUM_Wu_Scott_Were Im From Poem

How Is Middle School So Far?

i like ms cause its different than es, and we could buy stuff with lunch cards. but i still miss recess.

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