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Argumentative essay reflection


What I did well in your essay is writing example of real world and my experience like covid 19 in Korea and connect with my claim. Because it makes my essay more persuasive and interesting.

What I might like to improve is to find evidence that have specific data. Most of my evidences are survey and speech from famous expert of that topic. So, it’s not accurate. Maybe next time, I will use more scientific data to support my claim.

I worried about introduction because it’s very short. I didn’t write about reasons why I’m arguing about this topic and didn’t preview the main reasons in the introduction. But the score of introduction part was higher than I thought.

My biggest challenge was how to citate sources. Because it was the first time I learn about citation. When we had a debate before, I didn’t wrote such a detailed citation. But my teacher helped me and it was fun to learn about new things.



Smell detecter prototype reflection

During our second unit in product design, we made a prototype of machine that can detect the smell.

This is how it’s work : The small path in the top of the prototype absorb the smell and send the smell into machine inside. Compass and GPS show where does the smell come from. (For GPS, it’s the screen of the magnified map.) Also, there is on off button. 

Lightbox reflection

In our Product Design class we made light box of place that we couldn’t visit because of the COVID. My light box is landscape of namsan tower in Seoul . I chose it because my family wanted to visit there to see cherry blossom in spring, but we couldn’t visit there when I went to Korea.

My biggest obstacle was one of my layer been cut off little narrow because I made design so it break. But Mr. Gabe and Mr. Layman helped me put those break pieces together using masking tape and tooth pick.

During this unit we use the design software adobe illustrator to design our landscape. I learned several things like basic skill (adding shapes, change colors of the shape) how to image trace and how to combine or ungroup the shapes.  Also I learned useful website, noun project which I didn’t knew before. I learned how to find picture that I need and download it using noun project.  The skill that I developed in this unit is using masking tape and glue gun. I knew how to use those tools but I didn’t really use it in daily life.

One piece of advice I’d give a future student doing this project would be before you cut the layer check one more time is there any mistakes and make decision carefully.


Percy Jackson Informational Blog Post

Some time Percy Jackson made good choices that make him safe and fair. But sometimes Percy made wrong decision and make other people get dangerous because of him. Wrong decision that Percy made is left Grover in bus station even he promise to wait Grover. 


This is text from End of the Chapter 2 to Chapter 3.

‘Let me walk you home from the bus station. Promise me.’

This seemed like a strange request to me, but I promised he could.

‘Is this like a superstition or something?’ I asked.

No answer.

‘Grover – that snipping of the yarn. Does that mean somebody is going to die?’

He looked at me mournfully, like he was already picking the kind of flowers I’d like best on my coffin.

Confession time: I ditched Grover as soon as we got to the bus terminal.

I know, I know. It was rude. But Grover was freaking me out, looking at me like I was a dead man, muttering, ‘Why does this always happen?’ and, ‘Why does it always have to be sixth grade?’

Whenever he got upset, Grover’s bladder acted up, so I wasn’t surprised when, as soon as we got off the bus, he made me promise to wait for him, then made a beeline for the restroom. Instead of waiting, I got my suitcase, slipped outside, and caught the first taxi uptown.

‘East One Hundred and Fourth and First Avenue,’ I told the driver.


Percy could feel uncomfortable, scary because he notice that something bad can be happen. Percy experience weird things. Mrs. Dodd try to kill him, and saw weird old ladies that staring at him too. He would already feel frustrated, nervous want to meet his mom. And Grover try to scared him too. Percy have to met his mom to feel little rest from these scary, complicated situation. But he should think one more time before he just ran away from bad situation. He should manage his emotion in he is at situation like this.

I want to give these tip from ” Recognizing and Managing Emotions ” article to Percy. These tips can help Percy to make right decision.

  1. Take some time out before making a decision.
  2. Stopping before you decide, to give yourself a chance to think.

Percy didn’t wait Grover in short time that Grover went to toilet. He made decision quickly and he didn’t think one more time.

3. Think about what someone whom you respect would think about your decision. Are you happy with that?

He didn’t think Grover waiting him. Grover is one who protect Percy from danger. Grover would worried and feel panic because Percy disappear even dangerous things might happen like the last time.

It’s little regretful that if Percy make decision with logical he can have time to prepare for fighting minotaur and have times to clear up the situation.  After he wait for Grover, he can meet mom too. Because Grover and Percy’s mom already knew each other. Percy’s mom dead is not actually Percy’s fault but if he made decision more wisely, his mom would not dead. Also Grover couldn’t fail his mission that protecting Percy.


Percy Jackson is fair person and can’t stand injustice. For example, in page 3 and 6 Percy didn’t let Nancy to bully Grover. And in page 34, 35 Percy don’t want his mom treat rudely from Gabe too.  Even sometimes Percy failed to control his anger but he know what is the bad things and right things. And he want to Trying to correct the wrong. Because some people are just stay still and not making them stop even they know what is bad things and not. But Percy see something wrong,  try to stop doing wrong and he seem to be trying to go the right way. He didn’t feel shame actually he feel angry and frustrate when he can’t punish people who did bad things. Therefore Percy Jackson is fair person.


Habitat Mini Project


Our Stories Make History

Make or Perform Project


My make or perform project.

I was going to post ten pictures on my blog, but only five pictures were posted. So I screen shot 10 pictures.

Seohee’s Early Humans Project2

This is Seohee’s Early Humans Project. Hope you enjoy it

Seohee’s Early Humans Project


This is Seohee’s Early Humans Project. Hope you enjoy it!

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