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Percy Jackson and his Emotional Disorder

In the “Lightning Thief”, a book by Rick Riordan, the protagonist Percy Jackson shows a lot about his problems relating to his impulsiveness and short-tempered personality. He often gets into fights with his friends, and he doesn’t behave to adults. … Continue reading

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Habitat Mini-Project

My Habitat mini-project Link: Questions: •What is your biggest take away from 6th-grade science? I learned a lot about habitats and biomes, and food chains (webs) and different parts of it. •If you were to write your own comment … Continue reading

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Cardboard Arcade Reflection

  Skills I developed during building this arcade was being able to accurately cut cardboard. In the beginning I was bad at cutting the cardboard, and it took me a longer time than the last piece of cardboard I cut.

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Narrative Reflection

The difference between my first draft and my final copy of my narrative is that the first one was very simple, but then the last one was more detailed because i included a variety of punctuation marks, different types of … Continue reading

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Water Filter Experiment

The original water included dirt and pebbles. We used a filter made with nylon, duct tape, fabric, pebbles, wire, felt, sand and rubber bands. After we filtered it the water was mostly clean, but the water looked dirty because of … Continue reading

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