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Argumentative Essay Self-Assessment – The Government’s Role in Controlling Obesity is to Do Nothing.

What you did well in your essay?

I believe I did very well in researching and my evidence were all very strong considering my rare topic. My essay used very powerful language and I am especially proud of my introduction.

What you might like to improve?

I would like to reach a few masteries in the future, and I would also like to know what I should do to reach that. Also, I need more experience in citation as my image in-text citation was incorrectedly-formatted.

Are there any areas where you marked yourself differently than Ms. Rivera? What are you thoughts?

I think my grade was more or less what I expected, and I believe this grade is pretty fair 🙂

What was the biggest challenge that you faced while researching, planning and writing this essay? How did you overcome this challenge?

I understood what I needed to research about, and I knew it would be very tough. The most challenging part wasn’t time, but it was finding powerful evidence, and this was highly impacted by my topic, which wasn’t as popular as other topics such as school uniforms or banning cellphones. Perhaps, next time I should choose a topic that is right for me, this topic as I realized halfway was that it was too rare, which made me question if it was right for me.

Percy’s Choices (Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief) 【Percy Jackson Informational Blog】

Percy’s Choices


Imagine killing a teacher whom you had known for your whole life; however, it has turned to a freaky-looking monster. Creepy, right? Percy Jackson has made many tough decisions and choices throughout the exposition of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Yet, some have benefited him such as killing his algebra teacher, and some put him to more danger like how he abandoned Grover rudely.


In page 29 of chapter three, Percy abandoned Grover as he went to the bathroom. Unquestionably, this was a terrible decision which certainly puts Percy in more danger as he is now alone, and it seems like Grover knows something Percy does not. Furthermore, Percy broke the promise he made with Grover which was to wait for him after he finishes his business. This action was disrespectful to Grover and very rude. Percy should have waited for Grover, even if he is acting creepy. According to the article from SkillsYouNeed, Recognising and Managing Emotions, making decisions is about awareness and giving yourself time to think. Percy clearly did not think about himself or Grover’s feelings. As you can see, this decision was very irresponsible.


In page 12-13 of chapter one, Percy fearlessly killed his algebra teacher, Mrs. Dodds, which definitely is a very astute action of bravery and courage. Clearly, and without doubt, this was a very wise choice. To begin with, it prevented Percy’s death and maybe even others, but it does seem like Mrs. Dodds was just coming for Percy. However, on the other hand, it was extremely dangerous for Percy to follow Mrs. Dodds, especially when he witnessed her instantaneously “teleported”. “How’d she get there so fast?” was Percy’s thought in page 10, which shows his doubt and question for Mrs. Dodds. Therefore, Percy should have known something is going wrong as of Percy’s previous incidents in the schools he had been expelled from before. In Recognising and Managing Emotions, it mentions “to be aware of those of others.” Forget about Mrs. Dodds turning into a monster, but seeing Mrs. Dodds calling Percy after he had a fight with Nancy Bobofit and how she instantly “teleports” in the museum is a pretty straightforward signal for to be careful of the teacher. Even though Percy basically walked into the conflict, he did manage to kill Mrs. Dodds valiantly, however.


In conclusion, Percy has made many decisions throughout the book which some helped him save his life, yet some just put him in more danger. After all, he did kill his math teacher which shows certain cleverness and decision-making. To answer the previous question, yes it is very creepy, but very brave.



Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief – Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER)

What kind of person is Percy Jackson?


Percy Jackson is a very fearless kid, though he isn’t as wise and astute due to his mother, Sally Jackson. To begin with, in chapter 4, due to Percy’s mother in danger and many outstanding reasons, Percy was forced to be bold which lead to fighting the Minotaur as revenge for Sally and also to save himself. His fearless actions definitely shows bravery and courage as he heroically killed the Minotaur and saved himself and Grover’s lives. Clearly, Percy is a very brave and daring kid.

Additionally, Percy Jackson maybe very clever and bright (See page 63 for evidence), though he certainly isn’t very wise and knowing. Throughout the beginning of the book, the author more or less talks about Percy’s background and stories of the gods once in a while. Such as in pages 38 and 39 where it talked about Percy’s father. Surprisingly, he doesn’t even know his father! It clearly shows he’s not so knowledgeable about his background and his family. To be honest, it is due to his mother keeping all this information just to herself for the whole time which shows how much Sally loves Percy and also shows how love can be selfless as she lied and married Smelly Gabe for Percy. As you can see, Percy isn’t very astute and insightful about his background which clearly means he’s not very wise due to many reasons such as her mother.

In conclusion, Percy Jackson is a very brave yet not-so-knowing kid. However, as he is adventuring for the stolen lightning bolt, he will become more and more knowing about his father and background. Nevertheless, he might become wiser in the ending of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.


*Here’s a T-Chart I made for the CER above*


                      Percy Jackson’s traits                                                                                                               Text Evidence + Reasoning

Brave/Fearless/Bold In chapter 4, due to Percy’s mother in danger and many different reasons, it forced Percy to be bold, and so he fearlessly fought the Minotaur which definitely shows bravery.


Smart Percy Jackson showed his cleverness through his thoughts in page 63. “His eyes had that mischievous glint they sometimes got in class when he pulled a pop quiz and made all the multiple-choice answers B.” Certainly, through this sentence it shows how smart Percy is and how quick he learns Latin. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have known this information.


Not wise Throughout the beginning of the book, the author once a while talks about Percy’s background and stories of the gods. And in pages such as 126 and 82. Honestly, he didn’t even know who his father was and that is very surprising. He knows nothing about his background or himself which clearly, shows that he is not so wise.



A Series of Very Unfortunate Events~ A Graphic Novel by Sixing W.

Death. Murder. Secret.

Special thanks to my humanities teacher, you know who you are, thank you so much for this amazing year. You have made me read more than I expected, write better than I expected, I can see some very huge growth this year. You are amazing and awesome, super thankful! I honestly am surprised that I have actually written a comic book, the progress is fascinating, and I am super proud of myself for everything I have done for the past few days. This year was special, never thought middle school could be so warm and united, especially our class. Also, another writing I am super proud of myself, and I think had the deepest memory was the realistic fiction I have written, where I talked about leaving my old school, I have made that piece of writing my very best. Anyway, here is the summary, the ending was a little rushed and there weren’t any morals which I think I could work on next time.

Summary (very detailed because some parts of the comic might not be clear): The story begins with a man, age around 30, driving a car and crashed into a man and woman, they were married and about the same age as the person driving the car. The man killed both of them and found their child, a baby lying on the ground crying, seems like he didn’t kill her. The man then calls his wife and hints that their phone call is being recorded. Then, the story suddenly moves onto 9 years later where a girl got home from school and hints that she is the girl that survived the car accident and the home belonged to the killer. She got home and started dinner. She had a fight with her foster parents (the killer’s family) which hints that they adopted her and shows each character’s traits and her foster brother, Dominos, had brain disfunction. Afterward, the girl, Jennifer, found Dominos wearing a necklace, she asks the killer’s wife, Mrs. Loise, what is it, and then Mrs. Loise takes it away and acts like it’s nothing which raises Jennifer’s suspicious. A few days later, Jennifer got home from school, and Mrs. Loise gave her a phone call. They took Dominos out to dinner, and then Jennifer asks if she could come but Mrs. Loise already ended the call which hints that the family doesn’t consider her as family, and she feels lonely and sad. As Jennifer got home, she hears a squeaking sound and realizes it is in Mr. and Mrs. Loises’ room. Even though she knows that she is not allowed to go into their room, she still went in anyway, she has strong curiosity and courage. As she found a phone squeaking (vibrating noise and ringtone makes the squeak) in a drawer, the Loises were back and so quickly cleaned up everything and got out. Later that night, she found out the recording of their phone call 9 years ago and goes insane. She calls 911 and arrests them. Moments later, Jennifer’s phone rings and found out that she has a brother, blood-related brother and the story ends. To be continued…



Thank you so much for reading my first graphic novel~~~~~

Biology, Ecology, ‘Habitology’, Mountainology

What is your biggest take away from 6th-grade science?

I think my biggest takeaway should be learning to make models and analyzing the data. I remember before COVID – 19 started, we had a project where we were testing insulators, we had a lot of data and recording, mainly temperature records. With these recordings, we then know which materials are great insulators and which are just conductors. It was a really fun project~ Also, a good example of making models should be when we studied different types of energy and their transformation. We did many models for many science “games” (more like some type of experimental website that we studied and observed) that we observed, it was really cool to make models that had many different transformations.

If you were to write your own comment on the report card, what would you say?  How confident do you feel in making models in science, analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations?

I think I did quite impressive this year in science, not saying it’s perfect, but I learn a lot in science. Sometimes it’s confusing, sometimes it’s difficult and challenging, but we always got over it. And about models, and all these analyzing and explanations, I think I am getting used to it, but in order to make it into a habit for every project, it definitely needs more practice.

What would you like to work on for next year in science?

I actually don’t know, I wish it could be something super cool and awesome. I know next year’s going to be a blast in science!


The Martian is a fascinating book, the kind of the book where you really can’t put down once you start reading. The book had a very detailed description of the characters and an exciting climax. For this book, I focused my thinking on the themes, which is one of the topics I am the most uncomfortable with. I never really did think about themes like ever, though now, I did not just have a clearer understanding of themes, I also got comfortable with doing themes. I believe next time, I shall create something more detailed as my thinking for my project. Furthermore, I created a playlist, just a few songs, but it represents some parts of the story and somehow did bring out some of the themes of The Martian. Also, I created a creative cover that states two of the theme of the book, hope, and love/teamwork. I searched for quite a long time to see what symbolizes hope, but then, Ms. Krista made me change my mind, what is better than thinking of my own symbol of hope? So I thought of light and used that as my background for my cover. Finally, I created a simple back cover summarizing the book without any spoilers for the ending! Overall, this has been a little bit challenging because the book is quite long and I am a slow-reader, and themes are uncomfortable for me. However, I think I can do something more with themes for my next project. ENJOY~


The Martian THEME Playlist

The playlist needs to be opened in another tab to play music. Please ENJOY~



The Martian by Andy Weir and adjusted by Sixing Wang

FALLING —— A Brief Recording of A Student’s Life at Quarantine & The Journey of eLearning by Sixing Wang

This is a recording of the past few months of COVID-19 quarantine. It’s a special, scary but special time; and I think it is valuable to record this moment of my life. Below is my reflection and my project. by Sixing Wang

Project Carbonara – Our Stories Make History


I made multiple tries to perfect the Italian pasta dish – carbonara. Afterward, I created a book for The Road to Mastering Perfection – Carbonara.



Early Human & Us _ Final Project _ Humanities

This is my Thinglink with all the hard work I have done.

I created my infographic (above).

A video of me explaining my research question (What are the major changes in diet from the past to now? How will it impact our future?).

My deep analysis of values and limitations for both of my primary sources.

And a long list of citations I have used for my project.


I think I did a good job in quality for each assignment in the project, though I think I and many others was very confused with the assignments and what they are about. Otherwise, I think it went well enough for me and I did learn a lot of knowledge about our change of diet. I am now an expert.

I would like to thank Ms. Krista for being really understanding and helpful because she was always really optimistic and open when we needed help and was kind enough to delay the project. I also would like to thank my fellow classmates, we were all going through this fast-paced project and we were all supportive of each other. (This is like my special thanks section…)


Thank you and please enjoy my Thinglink. Not my video.

Early Human And Everything We Learned

This is a short paragraph about the current unit we have learned in the past week.

“Our direct ancestors—the Homo Sapiens had many skills and capabilities in order to survive from hunger and the environment. To start off, the Homo Sapiens had various tools for specific actions such as hunting and sewing for clothing to increase the efficiency, accuracy, and precision for these jobs. Furthermore, when it comes to tools, some specific tools such as weapons are a great advantage for protection; it will earn a defensive and offensive bonus which will increase a better chance of survival and a better condition for the Sapiens. On the other hand, the Homo Sapiens also created more advanced language which also helps to communicate better within the community/group. Another major benefit of having a more precise and advanced language is it will allow everyone to express their feelings and thoughts better; this will create a better social group and may have the slightest possibility of creating great writings and artworks. In conclusion, the capabilities of Homo Sapiens created a better condition for them to have a better chance in survival; which tools and language are very important parts of their lives. This is how our early ancestors evolved.”


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