Humanities Argumentative Essay Reflections

– What you did well in your essay.

I think I did a good job in presenting my claim and evidences.

– What you might like to improve.

I would like to use more formal sentences and improve my grammar.

– Are there any areas where you marked yourself differently than Ms. Rivera? What are you thoughts?

Ms. Rivera marked meeting for the “I described how and why an organization shapes people’s life”. I marked myself approaching because I didn’t really described it.

– What was the biggest challenge that you faced while researching, planning and writing this essay? How did you overcome this challenge?

The biggest challenge is to find evidence and write it in you own words. I overvome this challenge by summarizing the evidences.

Sewable Electronic Bookmark Project

Share My Project

– I made a bookmark with a circuit on it. It shows my cat, my cat’s paw, and a yawn ball. The LED is white.

– I chose this one because I like that best.

– I didn’t choose the other two designs (a Percy Jackson one and a Skating one), because they are either too hard or too easy.

Share My Learning

– Sewing is completely new to me because I never sewed before.

– When I used the fabric glue, it doesn’t work at first, so I glued it like 10 times. But later Ms.Kim says we need to wait till it drys, so……

– When sewing (or burying the thread), DO NOT cross the thread, or it will NEVER work (the same thing happened to me, so I have to add the white piece of felt to make it work).

– I want to learn more stitches (like chain stitch).

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief (Percy’s behavior)

Percy Jackson’s behavior in front of the teacher is terrible.

On page 10, Ms. Dodds said: “Now, honey……” Percy said: “I know, a month erasing workbooks.” It is not right to talk to a teacher like that even it is a monster. (Well, Percy didn’t know Ms. Dodds is a monster back then)

And on page 17, he called his English teacher an old sot. It is rude to call a teacher an old sot even if he doesn’t know what it means.

Finally, on page 22, he didn’t wait till Mr. Brunner to finish the sentence and run because he is frustrated. He should let the teacher finish his sentence before he goes because it is not polite. Many accidents are caused by Percy’s behavior in front of the teachers.

When Percy is making decisions, he could stop for a minute and think about “what is the result if I do/say this?” “Is it good for me?” and then make decisions.

Percy could also control his emotions by being grateful. Thanks to the people who had helped him and be grateful to nature (Since he is a half-blood).

I really hope Percy’s ability to control his mood could be better after he returns Zeus’s lightning bolt.

PS: I hope I did not spoil anything about the book, but if I did, please forgive me because it is really hard for me not to spoil……

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief CER

Percy Jackson CER

In Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief, Percy is brave and cares for his friends and parent.

When Percy, Percy’s mom, and Grover were chased by the bull-man, Percy didn’t fear death and still wanted to bring his mom and Grover together to survive. On page 49, he says, “I climbed across Grover and pushed the door open into the rain. ‘We are going together. Come on, Mom’. From this, we can see that Percy Jackson cares a lot for his mom and Grover.

On page 54, when Percy fought the bull-man, the story was the following: “I couldn’t jump sideways, so I leaped straight up, kicking off the creature’s head, using it as a springboard, turning in midair, and landing on his neck.” From this sentence, we can see that Percy is really brave.

Circuits and me #1

Course Reflection:

-My favorite experiment is in the first (or the second) class when I first have my LED lighted up. It is amazing!

-The challenge is I can’t paste the copper tape nicely and smoothly, and the electric can’t go through it. I overcome this by practice more, and the LED finally light up.

-The current challenge for me is about the Electronic Card. I checked my P/N and smoothed my copper tape but it still did not work. Next time I will turn the copper tape better.

-One aspect of the class I like is we have a bag and we can put our things in, and it can help that we don’t miss things again.

– One aspect of the class I dislike is I think we should have more experiment time because the practice can make things perfect.

Project Reflection: 

-My circuit is about my mom’s birthday card. The circuit is basically a rectangle. And the LED is just a kind of decoration.

-I am happy with nothing because it is terrible.

-Next time I will write the positive/nagetive down so I won’t get it wrong.

In the Our Stories Make History unit, I learned how to see if the sources I find is reliable or not. My final project includes many things I created in this unit, include: my picture collage, my journal entries, some article I’ve read, etc.
My project could be useful in the future for scientist to learn about C0VID-19, and it could also be useful to warn people to wear masks. The future 6th graders may learn about
I am proud of my picture collage because it shows how we begin e-learning, how the coronavirus begins to spread, etc. Things I found challenging in this unit is writing journal entries because I am not a good writer, but I practiced through this unit.
Overall, I found this unit useful and interesting.