"Always do what is right. It will gratify half of mankind and astound the other." -Mark Twain

How Technology Has Influenced Humans Throughout Time (Thinglink)

This is my thinglink project about how technology has influenced humans. Not the best, but it works.

Here is is:


Narrative: Ouch


I felt like this time, I did add a lot of figurative language, but, it was a bit too long. It took too much time to write down on my notebook and then type it up. I also think that this time I got more into the deeper meaning of the story. Somehow, I managed to keep my topic the same the whole time, and not change my topic for my narrative this time. One of the main differences between my first draft and this one is that my published version has way fewer grammar issues. Maybe next time I should write quicker and shorter, so, it won’t be such a tedious task to type it up again.

Where I’m From



Where I’m From


I am from the tangible junkyard of my room,

From the BANGS!!! of heavy math books falling to the ground.

From the sketches of obnoxious dogs and cats,

Staring daggers at me.


I am from the ‘chewy’ minty grass,

From the games you can play on them.

I am from Ultimate Frisbee that you play like a crazy cat,

Also, from intense Time Bomb.

I am from devouring food,

From my tummy groaning at me to slow down.

I am from inhaling Coke,

Until my huge tummy explodes.


I am from the support of my immense, fluffy bed

From the warmth of my calming blanket.

Also, from the caring house that provides me with shelter,

The windows that shield me from rain.


I am from Team Sports,

Of bouncing or kicking or shooting a willing ball.

From the boisterous Cheers of my teammates,

When I slide my way to home.


I am from Dark, Navy Blue,

Of the gentle Autumn rain.


I am from the soft, radiating stars that illuminate the dark, chilling, creepy sky.

Of the brightness that blinds the naked eye,

From the winking beam of stars.

I am also from the Fragile BLACK RAVEN that looms in between the stars.

I am from the pocket-sized jet-black cat,

That no one gives a second glance.




From Spies and detectives with Stunning, smooth, slick, sick Kungfu moves.

Also, the spine-chilling Mystery Novels,

With Comedy and Thrilling cases to be deciphered.


I am from the once rich, nutrient plants in humid forests,

Whose motherlike sunlight is covered by curvy, colossal, sky-high towering trees.


I am from Sunny Saturdays,

Where a nerve-racking tournament is always in check for me.

I am from those last minute winning shots,

(That I always thought would miss by a mile).


I am from the steamy moisture of raindrops on my grateful skin.

From the earsplitting sounds of thunder.


I am from a lot of things,

But I resonate with just one the most.

For we are always learning,

To read, to write, and to…



Science filter

We are trapped on a deserted island (I mean, we have a computer so technically we could order some Evian Mineral Water on Amazon…) We found some filthy water that we have to clean using the following materials (Pretend, ok?):

A plastic bottle, small rocks, felt, clear tape, DUCT TAPE (THE BEST THING EVER INVENTED BY HUMANS),  cloth, plastic nets, cardboard, and scissors.

Layer 1- plastic net that traps the rocks

Layer 2- cardboard thing with holes that slows down the process

Layer 3- plastic net with rocks and felt and cloth that drips the water

The dirty water: Dirt with sand and rocks-supposedly there’s bacteria.

Hypothesis: The water will drip through and yellow-ish water will come out at the bottom. The layer will trap the dirtiest things.

Result: As expected. But I noticed that I forgot to add the cotton balls.

Claim: My group’s filter works, but it’s still not that good looking.

Evidence: The Water turned from dark brown with dirt into light/pale yellow without the brown specks of dirt and stones.

Reasoning: Because the water turned into a lighter shade.

Engineering is important. The materials and ideas are put together using engineering.

One of our challenges: The clear tape wasn’t strong enough for the cloth. The fabric was kind of weird, so the clear tape started to fall off, we ended up wrapping it up in duct tape.

About My Name

Sophia = Greek + Wisdom, My parents thought that it was a perfect fit.

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