“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.”

Product Design 7 Summative – Reflection (pd3)

In product design this semester,  we chose a location that mattered to us and made a lightbox to honor the place.

I chose the Golden Gate Bridge since it was one of my favorite locations.

My biggest success was that I was able to actually get the layers to fit together first try. Since I finished my adobe layers extra early, I was able to print it out on paper to test instead of drawing it out, which was kind of cool.

My biggest obstacle was that my layers were too wide, which meant that my faceplate wouldn’t fit in perfectly. I guess I’ve learned over the 12 limited years of my life that 1, practice makes perfect… (it’s really “practice makes progress”, and not “perfect”… progress is better the perfection anyway) this is like my 2nd time working with a laser-cutter, so my skills and planning aren’t that great, but will get better over time. 2, that perfect is the opposite of good… Since nothing is really perfect, I guess I’ll settle for good enough, though I’ll work harder to get better, and will learn the accept some flaws that may come with it. After I sanded the layers down, it fits together a bit better (good enough for me), but honestly still faces the same problem, just not as bad. If I really want to, I could just glue it down, but I LIKE IT this way, and I don’t think anyone’s going to really kill me for keeping it this way (edit: I actually got it to fit in the class after I first wrote this). That said, next time, I’d like to better plan the thickness of my layers, so that it fits even better together, which just so happens to be a piece of feedback I’ve gotten on my lightbox.

Skills I’ve developed during this quarter include Painting, Planning, and Problem Solving. Our scratch-off cards taught us the basics of how to paint, while presenting possible challenges and problems we may face while painting our lightboxes. Oh, and remember, when there’s not enough paint, you can always add more. But when there’s too much… nothing except your report card would really change :). Next, our planning skills were crucial since 1, we were using a laser-cutter that shoots lasers everywhere and cuts things, and 2, we want to save our sacred materials and save the planet (which makes using wood in the first place debatable) so we don’t want to redo things like 20000 times. Lastly, I improved my problem-solving skills by solving the millions of problems that came up. I mean come on, there are barely any cases in which everything goes according to your plan. Like you may forget that it’s basically impossible to use white glue on wood, or that you don’t have a limited amount of time to do things, or that the baby has a gun (hopefully that doesn’t EVER happen). But the only constant in the world is change. So we need to change the changed or adapt to it. Or in this case, do both. My sanding problems in the previous paragraph would have told you so. These skills aren’t only important in design, they’re important in our everyday lives. For example, you’ll have to problem solve when a baby has a gun. You’ll have to make sure they don’t pull the trigger. Then somehow take it away. OR, you could just not let the baby have the gun in the first place… which goes back to planning. See? Everything fits together perfectly, which goes back to my previous paragraph that states that nothing is perfect, so let’s just say it fits together well.

Something I learned about myself during this project is that I’m not as hot-headed as I though I was. Turns out that I didn’t panic when found a problem with my lightbox, and instead just thought about solutions instead of sulking about how awful life is and how the whole world is against me. Turns out, the world was never against me, it just never sided with me. ANYWAY, I now feel better doing projects knowing that I won’t crack under pressure, give up, or sulk, and instead would focus on the problem at hand first.

One piece of advice I’d give a future student doing this project would be to actually plan everything since this isn’t your pencil on paper writing, it’s sort of permanent in a way. So try and plan everything out, and adapt and change your design along the way if and when needed. Overall, I think my lightbox was a success because success is subjective, and my view on success is that you tried your best and ended up with something that you like and would enjoy using and looking at.

Hopefully, you didn’t skip anything when reading this humongous philosophy essay but, uh, thanks for reading, I guess?

Argumentative Essay Reflection

What you did well in your essay.

I managed to cite my sources in a way so that the reader could find it


What you might like to improve.

Even though I stated a counterclaim, it wasn’t obvious. Next time I should make it more clear so the reader can understand it better. The same thing for the concluding paragraph, I tried restating my points in a subtle way, but apparently, some people aren’t able to understand that well. Next time I’ll make it more clear and not as subtle.


Are there any areas where you marked yourself differently than Ms. Rivera? What are your thoughts?

There are a few that I marked approaching that Ms. Rivera marked as meeting. Honestly, I was torn between the two, so I guess it’s somewhat the same. Looking back, I feel like I don’t agree with my own grading anymore.


What was the biggest challenge that you faced while researching, planning, and writing this essay? How did you overcome this challenge?

To be honest, this was a long time ago. Don’t really remember, but I do remember one thing: My arguments were more persuasive than they were made of facts. So I had to do more extra research for it to work.

Percy Jackson Informational Blog

Emotions are dangerously turbulent and contagious. Diffused attention can be lethally dangerous.

Percy needs to learn how to control his emotions and focus on the big picture because they not only impact him… they also influence others’ lives… forever. Articles online can also help us with our problems like these too.

The first reason why Percy should learn to control his emotions is on page 9; Percy got extremely angry (“…I was so mad my mind went blank.”) at Nancy Bobofit for bullying Grover (his friend) [“…dumping her half-eaten sandwich on Grover’s lap…” as the last straw] that something quite ‘strange’ happened (It is found later in the book that it has to do with his powers, as hinted by the phrase: “A wave roared in my ears”) that got him in trouble, causing his ‘fight’ later on in the museum with Ms. Dodds (Percy’s former math teacher).

From the article called ‘Recognising and Managing Emotions’, we find a line of text under the subcategory named Making Decisions with Emotions’: “… You need to combine your emotional response with more rational considerations… by… Stopping before you decide, to give yourself a chance to think.” we can infer that Percy should have listened to his counselor about calming down and giving yourself a chance to think before acting on your emotions.

Percy should also study how to control his emotions because of this paragraph on page 17 – “… Finally, when our English teacher, Mr. Nicoll, asked me for the millionth time why I was too lazy to study for spelling tests, I snapped. I called him an old sot. I wasn’t even sure what it meant, but it sounded good.” Percy had snapped at his teacher because he, again, couldn’t control his emotions. This had gotten him expelled, disappointing his mother, while also making him even angrier.

The article named ‘How to become the boss of your emotions’ states that it’s important to be able to identify your emotion before taking action. If Percy had done that, he wouldn’t have snapped at his teacher. This is what he should have done: First, identify that he was angry. Second, take a few deep breaths and start thinking about why he’s angry. Third, he starts identifying the root problem and then solving it while staying calm the whole time. If he’d done that, he wouldn’t have snapped and gotten expelled.

One reason why Percy should focus on the big picture is that on page 44 and 45 of the book, he started asking questions about everything that’s nonrelated to the topic (eg “…so you and my mom, you know each other?”) instead of staying quiet so they could have a higher chance of coming out alive. This caused Grover (his friend) and his mom to get distracted and could have put them in more danger.

If Percy had read the article named ‘Neurodiversity: A Different view of ADHD’, he would have known that he should have used his diffused attention to help them escape alive instead of distracting and slimming their survival chances.

Controlling emotions is important. Focusing and staying on topic is also very important. Percy has shown us as much: he’d gotten expelled, in deep trouble, and almost killed because he didn’t make the best choices. Most people need to learn how to control their emotions… so why not spread the word and help others improve too?


PS if Grover learned how to control his emotions, his bladder wouldn’t act up when he’s upset.




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Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief Chpt. 1-5 Personality Traits CER

CER Humanities PJ Friday, Oct 9th, 2020:

In PJ & the LT, Percy Jackson is dogged. On page 27, Percy kept on asking Grover about the old ladies, even when he knew that he would not get an answer out of Grover. Since Percy wouldn’t stop asking questions even after failing to get an answer, showing tenacity and grim persistence, we know he has a dogged personality.

Percy Jackson has a dogged personality in PJ & the LT. On page 45, Percy also wouldn’t stop questioning Grover, this time about Grover’s “legs”. He was stubbornly asking his questions and trying to get his answers even during an emergency, with no prevail. Similar to page 27, Percy shows his dogged side by asking questions during an emergency, knowing that he wouldn’t get any. From that, we can conclude that he is, indeed, stubborn.

On page 50 of The Lightning Thief, Percy, once again, shows us his stubborn side – “Mom! I’m not leaving you. Help me with Grover.” [Said Percy] (Riordan, Rick. The Lightning Thief. Disney/Hyperion, 2015). From the text we can infer that Percy is stubborn because even though he knows he himself is better off just running, he still tries to save his mom; something impossible in his eyes, yet he still tries. That shows his stubbornness.

Side note: in the CER, PJ and LT is “Percy Jackson and [the Olympians, Book 1] The Lightning Thief”




First Draft (t-chart):     




CER chart:    

Drama Assesment 1

End of Year Reflection Questions and Sentence Starters

When I started middle school, I was most excited about the new PE schedule because I felt like there were more opportunities.

What were you worried about as you entered sixth grade? Nah, I felt like I was ok as long as my buddies stayed with me

One highlight of my year was Camp Greenwoods because it was a fun experience to have. Another highlight was Probably the invasion games unit. I consider this a highlight because even though I kind of don’t want to admit it, but it was kind of fun.

One challenge I faced was homework. I confronted this challenge… I didn’t really confront it, it just solved itself. Another challenge I faced was uh… my human development unit… no further explanation needed.

E-learning has been a difficult time for everyone, but we have all been pushed to grow in different ways. How has eLearning changed you as a student? How have you grown during this time? Honestly, I don’t really think I learned anything during e-learning that I can think of right now

I am most proud of myself for not catching corona yet because duh!

If I could do sixth grade over again, I would probably try harder in PE because I feel like I didn’t try hard enough.

Did you make any unexpected friendships this year? How did these new friendships impact your year? Yes, I was assigned a buddy, her name was Bridget… she SEEMS like a nice person… but we’ll see about that 😀

What was the most important thing that you learned about yourself this year? I guess I’m not so bad at everything after all!

What advice would you give to the new sixth graders about adjusting to middle school? It’s WAY MORE FUN!!!!!!! YOU GET PE EVERY 2 DAYS (though that may not be pleasant news)

What are you most looking forward to in 7th grade? Well, working with 8th graders.

Science Habitats – The Mountains

  1. What is your biggest take away from 6th-grade science? I learned a lot more about leopards.
  2. If you were to write your own comment on the report card, what would you say?  How confident do you feel in making models in science, analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations? Honestly, I am absolutely awful at organizing my language…
  3. What would you like to work on for next year in science? PSYCHOLOGY!!! I love it!

Our Stories Make History…

This was an interesting unit compared to all the other ones I’ve had in my life. In fact, it was the single most interesting unit. What made this unit special, was the fact that this unit wasn’t about learning about someone else… it was about learning from yourself. We made so many projects based upon what we’ve experienced, ranging from an emotional timeline… to 6 word memoirs. This unit also helped me realize that some sources have their own motives to share their opinion, and not all of them can be trusted. Now, I organized my project in a very simple way: Chronologically. It seemed that it only would be able to be fair if the reader could see things the way it happened, not the way that I’ve changed it to. I’m not sure my final project would be useful to other people in the future… because it might not be very accurate… but I guess they might want to learn more about the first-hand experience about how boring living through COVID-19 is. I feel like my favorite part of the unit was making my performance/project piece because it was very fun to make (I like drawing). What I found challenging was that sometimes, my computer wouldn’t let me save my work, and I copy and paste it on a new document after I quit word and… It says that word refuses to cooperate. When did word turn into such a little baby? Anyway, that is my project reflection… 

Humanities Performance/Project

This project was pretty fun to make. I got to sketch and then later color my little pictures around a poem that I wrote. I’d dare say that some of them are quite interesting.

Click here for the link to my pdf document online

Click here for the link to my pdf document online in another window on your browser (and yes, playing with the HTML code on this page is also fun and relaxing, so technically it’s also part of my project. I coded it to do so on the website…)

My Favorite Book (former)

My favorite book: Crenshaw

Reason: This is one of my favorite books because one of its main characters is mysterious and teaches the other life lessons. You can barely tell if it’s the boy’s imagination or if the book is fantasy. Who knows? Maybe Crenshaw, the giant cat-like creature, is a form of the boy.

PS this was an elementary school panda book when I was in 5th grade.

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